'Merican Booty

This is my attempt at social commentary, showing some folks' attitude toward beauty and acceptance as well as the picture the world paints of our country. Plu this makes me laugh an I'd love to wear it. I had a similar shirt when I was 8, of an Italian girl using her native flag as a covering for her nude body. Yeah, 8.

Watch this

haha obesity


fatty fat fat, five


wow if that isn't truth i dont know what is! thats a 5!


Pure awesomeness. And I think it has a good chance of getting printed. w00t for you!

5 und buy.

natural body armor

Amazing! I have an idea similar to this, but. your execution is cleaner 5


Way too true. 4 + Buy.


Can you make one with the Russian flag instead?
I guess its all after the advertising comming from America, guess Russians don't go around saying our people are fat, though its true.

Whats my point?
Is that there are fat people everywhere, just as much as there is fat people everywhere else, and I don't like that more than you do. So make a shirt that fits all mediums of man.

mr keith

this is cool, when I visited the states I did happen to see an unusaly high amount of fat folk. thats not to say all yanks as fat fucks I just saw alot 4*


hey ashS, who cares? and learn to spell, please.

great shirt johnnymilkshake! 5 and buy baby.


She just seems to be missing something. Also, I think the stripe aren't orange. But thats just me. 4+



I think interpreting this design simply as a commentary on the obesity of Americans is a bit shallow and not giving johnnymilkshark enough credit. The shirt is more about the tremendous superconsumption and excess that pervades and even defines American society. Certainly in this respect, we stand alone among the rest of the world.

That being said, great design, but something seems off balance about it. Might be fixed by the kicking the graphic slightly to the right. Also might want to take another look at her left lower leg, particularly the angle of the foot. Just doesn't seem to sit right. All right, I've gone an got verbose again. 4+




YES! this is perfect in every way.


awesomely funny but it gets a 4 because the flags colors are off




i think its a very good image and gave it a four. however, i wont buy because i would never wear something that made fun of my own country in any way...


Thanks to everyone for the kind words, I'm not used to that...

ForsakenCM, if you're patriotic that's cool... Although I'll have you know that criticizing your own country is something that's a great priveledge in America and is everyone's right.


fanTASTIC! the honesty you portray about our country is a virtue everyone should posses; too many americans spend their lives in denial, blaming Mickey-D's for their obesity. 5 and buy

Klassic profile pic Alumni

I love it! I hope this gets printed and if it does I'm going to buy it and proudly wear it. 5+$

Johnny kickers

hey thnx alot for commenting on my design... i totally dig this clean style.. n the fat lady looks really funny... haha great illustration.. way to go man.. i would buy this!


Love the commentary. Definate 5.


yeah, fat chick, americans are fat, i get it. nothing wrong with this, it just seems like a really obvious no-brainer one-liner and not something i would actually wear. and i've seen a lot of this on here..."americans are fat, we eat at mcdonalds"...

not that i don't agree with that assessment - it just seems too self-evident. it's like anti-bush shirts - yeah, OBVIOUSLY the guy is a loathsome criminal weasel, only inbred walmart christian bigots could possibly disagree, so it's not all that clever to point it out.

don't get me wrong tho - i do like your illustration, and the above is just my personal take. i guess i'm actually just saying i agree with you too much...lol


looks just like my aunt.

Mr Rocks
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Nice design, simple clean, and yet it says so much. Well done, and a five and buy from me my friend. Don't take to heart all the negative veiws expressed here either, it's a great image and thought provoking enough, but not to be over annalised at all. Her flag colour is a perfect use of the limit of 4 colours, and ties the whole image nicely.

Thanks also for the positive (if a little creepy!) comment about me and my design. Now leave me alone... ha!


You should have some text behind the vector that says..."American woman"...LIKE THE SONG :-)


very nice design
i think this truly is a portrait of the "american dream" in reality..


I think the fact that the controversy it invoked on this page is a credit to the designer. Its a sure sign that this t shirt gets its message across. For all those who do like it can be assured that its shock value is high. Too bad for those who can't accept the piece because as an American you have the right to freedom of expression.


5 thumbs up!


This reminds me of Robert Indiana, something very 70's/rock poster art about it.

I'd never wear this shirt, though I'm all about the message. 5 but not going there.


You need awards. 5 and buy.

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