Santa Surprise

  • by submergd
  • posted Jan 23, 2005

This is dedicated to my cousin "THE CPT" and the "Dawgs of War" in Iraq. My cousin wore the santa suit, sat in the gun turret of an armoured HMMWV and delivered presents to over 700 troops. If you are in Iraq next christmas...I am sure that CPT Santa will be delivering presents again and we will gladly help out. YOU SERVE YOUR COUNTRY WELL.

I welcome all comments and crits...

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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

yikes... there's nothing like showing santa with a machine gun, it brings special meaning to the joy of christmas...mmm... Christmas in a Muslim country, how arogant are we? I just hope my cousin and friends who are over there right now are home by next christmas. Do you really think this war is about bringing democracy to Iraq, I thought is was all about WMD right??

As for the design, great illustration, esp of the HMMWV but the type doesn't work for me at all and the colours are not quite there, specifically the artwork vs the shirt colour.


i think it would be even better if he had an ammo belt and some grenades at his waist with a huge bomb under each arm


Hahahhaha, I want it! But, it'd be a bigger hit if Christmas just hadn't gotten over with

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really shows the barbaric nature of american culture. congratulations on capturing this disgusting concept.


this makes me look bad as an american. i dont support war, but i support those who dont have a say in the matter and really care for their safety.


There's a weird hateful vibe I'm getting from this, whether it was intentional or not.


that really is too much...

tofudabeast profile pic Alumni

Have to agree with the last few posts - this makes me fucking ashamed to be American.

But hell, why do something this subtle?? Why not a picture of a big nuke with MERRY XMAS written on it, heading for Baghdad? Then you could expand the target group of the design to people who don't read well...

I wonder how something like this gets through the screening process - even if it wasn't meant to be offensive, people must know that this is just too much...


do bullits bounce off his beard!!


you know, the whole "santa goes to iraq in a humV and shoots up thousands of iraquis with a machine gun" has really been played out. thats on every shirt I see these days. Although the incredibly poetic and original saying "an extra special present for the bad boys and girls" does strike me deep within my soul, it doesn't quite add anything... clever? to the image. You should try "Santa hates towelheads!" or "Fuck humanity!" or "The military is a poor representative of America!". I'm sure that'll win em' over, friend.
But, I do however, understand exactly why you put emphasis on the words "special" and "bad", and I must say, good sir, you are the next Picasso with such genuis placement of color. Ohh, the unifying tones bring me to climax.
I understand that we have troops in Iraq, and I understand that they have destryoed a large portion of the land in Iraq, but seriously, I don't think they have destryoed the borders of Iraq... as so carefully illustrated in your very "patriotic" image.
And, yes, if I'm in Iraq next Christmas, I will look forward to seeing Santa roll by with his fully automatic high powered assult rifle mowing down little boys AND GIRLS, mind you, of an impoverished and war torn 3rd world country.
It really drives home the point of Jesus' birth.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish there was abutton lower than zero.


that's right! those American soldiers with their indiscriminately placed car bombs! they really get my - what? those were terrorists blowing up children and random passerby? huh, who would've thought...

oh right, the shirt - meh... maybe take off the text and the outline of the country, and you've got something pretty funny


My husband is in the Marine Corp, and I personally don't find this particular topic anything to poke fun at. But to each their own, however tactless it may be.


Seriously, is it supposed to be ironic or not?


love the hummer and santa, but not the text or outline


SomeLoudNoise, couldn't have said it better myself. Disgusting.


i don't find humor in this, rather mean
if it did happen and you took part of it, why not just leave it alone, not go around sayng you shot troops in a santa suite


An insult to christians and muslims both.


Modern day Santa isn't christian. He was the product of a 1930's Coca Cola Ad campaign (

What you could take it as is American Capitalism/consumerism mobilizing in Iraq. I like Submerged story enough that it ought to be on the shirt back to give a different perspective to the shirt.

But as a shirt on it's own, it's ok. Now if your cousin had dressed up in a pink bunny outfit with an easter basket. That'd be a 5&B.


Oh, drop the front text. Doesn't add anything to the shirt.


Why would st nick be serving in the American army. Hes not an american national. He's lycian (was born in lycia, asia minor in the 4th century). He would probably be locked up in guantanamo bay if he was alive today.


Well ladies and gents...This tee wasnt meant to be offensive. I did think a few people might not appreciate the humor of this illustration, but not the lot of ya...well it happens. Just so we are all clear on this cousin really dressed up as santa and delivered presents to the troops for Christmas and thats where i got the idea for the shirt...his pic even made it into a national newspaper and local paper for his efforts... and that was the main basis for the concept....santa has to protect his task force...i thought it was even funnier when he emailed me and told me that Iraqis even got a kick out of him dressed up...he said they chanta santa santa while waiving and smiling as his convoy drove by....well anywho...i just wanted to say my peace........

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Awesome!! I love it:)


This image makes me wanna take a dump on the American flag.

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I'll smear it in after you're done


Stop being fucking babies and buy this shirt, you pussies.


"mowing down little boys AND GIRLS" santa killing little iragi girls worse than santa killing little iragi boys, then?


santa isnt sexist or racist for that matter...thanks for the comments and questions...ha ha...


Good thing the tend of thousands of civilians the US has bombed deserved it, right?

Anyway, besides whatever point the shirt does or doesn't have, you spammed the shit out of other designs to promote this, and even if I loved this I'd give you a 0 for bad sportsmanship.


some people!

it's no wonder that most countries dipise the americans, when they come up with this kind of superior crap...

i would prefer it, if those big, brave soilders sorted out your own third world communities first. america being the land of freedom and democracy - don't make me laugh!


What is BAD? just another justification for war? good illustration, more action, less words!


horrible. absolutely horrible.

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