fallin out

  • by ndey
  • posted Jan 04, 2005


Watch this

holy crap. i really like this. i like the splatter effect in the backround. nice job.


its really good
but i dnt really like the blurryness?
otherwise this is great.


it's the gif


Sorry to say, but is it me or do most submisions now have some sort of splatter effect. Just saying, it's tired son.


smashmethod shut the hell up! at least ndey tried!


i like it better horizontally, like the image on the left.


i like it! 4!


cool design, im not diggin the colors a whole lot.


If I painstakingly worked on something for a month, and then some freeloader rips off all my hard work to win money in a contest, I'd be pissed too.

This gets a 0.


Looks cool, but I don't like the colours.


no one can seriously claim the splatter effect, if he claimed your tut as his, then that could be copyright violation

but i like it alot, 5

radical edward

and don't let other people do the hard stuff for you


ummm i don't know i think i'd buy it if it were closer to the shoulder and bigger with his legs stretching out in the middle to not leave the shirt empty


WHOA!!! ohh shit. this is great. i kinda like it horizontally too, but this is okay. whoever said to change it a bit so as not to leave the shirt empty had a point.

; )


i love the idea and theme! but the person falling out is a little hard to tell if i wore it and was 10 feet away or something.


Cool....I'm liking it...like the splatter effect...good deal!


I checked out those brushes smashmethod posted (which are awesome, by the way), skeptical that he used them out of the other 1000 splatter brushes out there, but this design definetly uses at least one of smashmethod's brushes (probably more but I could only tell for certain with one of them). The splatters are edited to an extent, though. I wouldn't say its a complete ripoff or anything, but i guess it should be dq'd since those brushes are for non-commercial use. It must not be very high-res anyway if it used the low-res version of those brushes that were posted.


Maybe ndey didn't even get the brushes from smashmethod, but nevertheless, the splatter effect should at least be changed to be completely original. Sorry, Hoborg's right. :(


Smash I apologize, I didn't even know these were yours thesr brushes were sent to me over MSN. I had them in my brushes folder for a long time. I apologize. Please take this down


if the person was better quality i would probably like it... i like the idea, but bleh.


You shouldn't use brushes on designs, period.

But hey! You apologized. No hard feelings. Use this concept and redo it completely yourself.


great idea. even though you can't use this one. kudos on apologizing and admitting fault though, unlike mos of the slime of the earth. try again cause i'm sure you can come up with something great though.


this reminds me of the ring when the chick climbs out of the tv.
freaked me out.

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