the ambiguous case

make it smaller and add more detail to the ship, making it more realistice looking and less like some weird, distorted battleship, and youve got an amazing tee. I love the concept. Also, it it were me, I would add some details to the tentacles, such as suckers, and lose the ripples behind the boat (but keep the ones under). Right now this gets a 4 though!

Watch this

concept equals great. 1980's style cartoon view of it equals undesirable. awesome idea, but need to work on detail


Agree that some "suckers" would add to this, but a great tee anyway! Cool.


I like the cartoony style. Add details, yes.

aka sars

i dunno if i would add more detail to this.

i like the fact that without detail it looks like a toy in a bathtub but a giant killer squid is in the tub too.

it reminds me of my childhood, not that i bathed with killer squids, though i like calamari now - but thats off subject > > i always played with ships and sharks in the tub, and the sailers would die > always.

so no detail is my vote, and im ubercool, so its like 62 votes. jk


try a different colour shirt.


i think it's way cool! I would definetly buy it!


more shirt color options.


or, if you made the ship appear to be a a piece from the game battleship , the scale of the ship would fit better.


As far as shirt color, i dont have a lot of options because it should resemble water. although i guess it could be lava, if that were some kind of futuristic lava-boat. in any case, i like the understatedness that the simplicity affords the picture.


it looks like there's too many tentacles.


Very cool. I like this one a lot. 4


agreed with a bit more detail. a BIT. because im kinding of digging the low detail...argh. im torn.
but i love the colors and the concept.
4 and buy.


Squid or a Tentacle Dick Monster? Cool T-Shirt either way.


Love it. 5 and buy!


I like the first suggestions... 3 now, 5 if you enact some of those suggestions...


Awesome design, but I'd go with 8 or 6 tentacles instead of 10, and make them bigger-- it's unclear at first (suckers would help too, but at that size might just make it too busy). I like the shirt color lots, and the cartoon style.


Oh! I didn't realize there's 8 of the normal tentacles and 2 of the long ones-- I think squid only have 6 normal tentacles?


i love the low level of detail, i guess it depends on how well the color of the shirt translates if i'd buy it or not, but it's still a quality design. 5.


i like the shirt, but i must agree, too many tentacles. like it otherwise. the color is nice, it reminds me of water.


come on people, its a mutant squid!


and technically a squid does have 10 tentacles, i checked google.


more detail on the tentacles.
but otherwise amazing.


I like it..but I think it'd be kinda cool if the design were on the back??..I don't know..maybe it's just me


if you're going to count and bitch about tentacles on a fucking t-shirt, you don't deserve to own this one.


Kathy Lee's Carnival lines finally get it for her use of sweatshops.

Cthulu, Monster of monsters
Friend to the overworked child labor market in 3rd world countries.

My only suggestion is small people(stick people, even) freaking out and jumping overboard, getting taken by the tentacles.

There's not enough catastrophe shirts these days.

Make the graphic much smaller and less detailed, or raise it a half-inch and add more detail. I love the concept, though. Good work!


i would like to have more detail on the ship

sub rosa

Perhaps the ship could tilt foreward a little bit. If there's a giant mutant squid latched to the bottom, you think it might weigh it down a little? Nice trig reference.


I agree with 'yes'; if you're gonna bitch about the amount of tentacles you don't deserve to wear the shirt. I'd also add that you should know what you're talking about.

There are exactly 10 tentacles on that squid. Ten is correct. Know your cephalopods before you post.

Great shirt kid, keep it up.

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