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I wish I could give this shirt a 6. I love it!


I would buy 7 of these so i could wear it every day of the week. well, maybe not, but I would for sure buy one


This is so very cute. I would definately wear it.


if you would have big 'ol eyeballs, it would be better...


all the happy little animals stairing at the dead floating bodys


i thought there was 2 of each animal on the boat? otherwise, cute!


how old school. It reminds me of a picture that used to be at my orthodontist office. love it, but i think this shirt deserves a perkier color shirt


What? Why is this on threadless? I didn't realize that threadless was a religious site.


Good execution, but I would never buy a jesus shirt.


Noah is a long long time before Jesus, and he's from Genesis, which means he's part of both Christianity and Judaism

Cute... the ark color's a little putrid, though


i'd wear it to be ironic. and i'm all for animals.


Aw, I think it's really cute.


The shirt is not something I'd wear-- a little too childlike, and I don't wear religious t-shirts anyway. But to those who seem shocked by this t-shirt design... on a site filled with submissions of nooses and people getting their heads blown off, why take issue with a boat filled with a happy old man and some animals? Funny.


woot! go Noah! this would be friggin' sweet if I was 5. but I'm not. so it sucks. the end.

I wish the boat would sink.


This is definitely something new to Threadless...i'd buy a few.....5+


Gotta love how on any other shirt the exact same people'd be saying "cliche" and "it's been done before x times." Well, here's something a little different and refreshing. Try not to grade it on taste (that's what the "i'd buy it" button is for) and rather on design, merit, originality, novelty, etc.


This is the most refreshing shirt ever!!! I feel that there should definitely be more shirts like this in the world and whoever created it is a genious!!!!


i saw this at aeropostale once, i think


I like it. Print it.


It would be cool if threadless printed this out, just so the guys that submit robots, hearts, and people bleeding can see that it doesnt take complete repetition to make something acceptible. Nice shirt, i dig


Well, I for one think this shirt is awesome. The simple hilarious design is the best. And for all you people complaining about it being religious, how about the sold out "JC was a streaker" shirt? Yeah that one was a TERRIBLE idea. "Religious" shirts never sell. Slight references to religion kills humor you know.


It could be a huge hit amongst that massive target audience of young hip Christian Scientists who frequent the internet after all...

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