You Can't Erase the Past

I wish I could erase this shirt. Sorry, but I think that the concept is incredibly crap. You could still use "you can't erase the past" but not in such a ridiculously obvious way.

Watch this

what happened in '98? the font makes me gag. i like the concept.


1989 was the begining of time


i wouldn't know, i was born in the future - when there were no erasers. GO YEAR 3045!


i was born in 1988, i am offended.


the point is that you can't really write on your nipple with a screen printed pencil . . . but the good news is, you can still point at it while complaining about how 98 really just sucked for you.


I wish I could erase November 3, 2004 =(


good idea..too obvious i think.


how am i supposed to include every single year?


School house rocks!!! I would buy it for everyone I know - 5

Spidy Babe

I like this shirt-except for the timeline thing going on.....otherwise cool idea


kinda cheesy, I think it would be better with out the saying across the top and make it more self-explanatory

yellow space marine

Ah, jeez, when I first looked at this, I thought it was the year 1918 being erased; I liked it a lot better than way. Who gives a crap about 1998?


I think it's a workable concept, but text, general shape and feel of it are very boring imo. Perhaps rather than just having a line of numbers work in a concept of maybe a calendar, show some erasure e.t.c It's not the sort of thign i'd wear on a t-shirt, as it's just a statement with no quirk or personality to it, but if you went back to the drawing board and got creative enough it could be worth a look in.


i like the idea but i dont like the font or where the design is placed.

i ate england

make it much less obvious, with a better looking, less elemental design..

okay concept though.


You cant erase the past, but you can scribble it out...ya know?



we ARE literal!

oh ho ho ho.


i agree with england.. doesn`t give me much to think about


i agree, nov 3 would've been the best day to erase of all. god, what a nightmare.
again, i like the concept, but the execution was terrible. far too simple, far too broad.
i see you're trying to go iconic, but it's simply displeasing to the eye.


ok. I know you're trying, and I support the effort. But blatantly obvious shirts are not worth paying $15.00 for ($17.00 if you're a chica).




i got a great idea out of this concept... but now i would feel like a douche using it. you and your shirt should go.

just go.


Hmmmm, what happened to you in 1998? Not a 5, but not a 0 either.


the concept is really good but you need to work on it - you cant put "you cant erase the past" it just ruins it - people get the idea when you see the eraser over the year but you should really redo it cuz the concept is really good and different


There just aren't enough words for what I'm feeling right now...

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