• by SNLObsess
  • posted Dec 27, 2004

Has an abercrombie and fitch vibe....but I still like it. Maybe if you had something flying over the moose it would be better....I still like it though. 5!

Watch this

yeahh ..
it's abercrombie & fitch-ish because of the moose ... but i'd still buy it.


I love brown, I Love Moose, I like Trees, I LOVE AND WOULD BUY THIS SHIRT!.

Blue Haired Goddess

I agree that is has a A&F or Old Navy feel, but great colors and design.

someone make the moose tee so i can get A and F tshirt for less than 30 bucks


A&F = threadless?

i still like, though.


i like it..just minus the trees..just a MOOSE> cause mooses are spiffy.


thtis is just like every other moose shirt ive seen.

which is millions.


" someone make the moose tee so i can get A and F tshirt for less than 30 bucks "

Haha, so true.


I like it. It is neutral, and nature is always safe and natural colors are as well. It can always be related too. I would buy it.


maybe loosing the trees would help make it look less a&f. keep going with the moose idea, id buy a random moose shirt.


Redraw one of the tress, please, so that they do not smack of clipart or christmas tree farms. Also, that moose is a little head heavy for me.

...otherwise woodsy.


The moose makes me think of Abercrombie and Fitch too. The trees remind me of some that are on this certain kind of mens shower gel at Bath and Body Works. They work well together though. I just don't know if that connection was intentional.


Print this one now. I love the whole feel and mooses are awesome!


Add a root system to the trees and it would look less A&F. I'd also raise the trees a little bit to help the scene. They make the moose look gigantic in proportion.

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