Walk It Off

poor little karate kid. He needs mr. miagi.

Watch this

I'd buy it!


looks kinda southparky


The title makes it funnier, but at the same time, I'm not sure whether text would work with the design.

Blue Haired Goddess

Adding the title as text might contribute well to the design. My advice to the artist, try it out and see how YOU feel about it. This design is great and simple and could also work well with other background colors.


Awwwww. I'd buy it.

Experiment with the text, 'cause I love the title. But it's very nice as-is, too. :)


awww...poor lil boy..I LOVE IT!!


i like it.




no seriously, this is a wicked kickass shirt. i hope its made b/c i'm soooo buying it.


i LOVE this shirt. clawing at computer screen wanting it badly


I LOVE this shrit!!! i want to buy it!


...I guess i'm the minority here...

...because I really don't see what the point would be of wearing the shirt.

design-wise, it's solid but not anything better than 80% of the other piecers here. The title which many people love isn't written on the shirt, therefore losing all comic value. Shit, I suppose if i loved looking at bruised up boys i'd jack off to this, but seeing as how it's not the case I can't say i care much for it.


I considered putting the text on the shirt but couldn't find or draw a font that matched feel of the design. I figured the drawing spoke for itself. I'll try playing around a bit more with colors and text, though.

Thanks for the comments all!

britannica: Not all that constructive or respectful, but whatever. There isn't a point to wearing a good number of the printed shirts on the site, but they sell like crazy. Oh wait... Using your logic I can explain the reason for such great sales. Most people who visit this site jack off to robots, unicorns, hearts and muffins...right? It's just a little design I did; It's not supposed to end world hunger or fight terrorism. I figured some people could relate to the kid. Boo failure!


Heh...whoops. My friend forgot to log out last time she used my computer. The last post by glittergirley was supposed to be mine.

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