Stop Drop and Roll

Wow, this one's amazing. I hope they make it into a shirt ^^

Watch this

The text doesn't match the picture though...I like both of them seperatley, but together it just doesn't fit.


Fabulous. I would buy this in a heartbeat.


what is it with the mask? or is it a mask?
anyway, 5 from me.


i am agreeing with the mismatched logo/text comments


not me. i like the message and frame around the mask. but i feel too apprehensive to accept the mask. if this is a belief rooted deeply enough inside of you, be more blatant. you gave us something to avoid. this is your chance to suggest something to approach. if left as is, this shirt is ok. if you pour your belief into its improvement, you will make a great shirt.


i love this. id wear it if they make it into a shirt


terrible, huge rip-off of a bme shirt.


The artwork is a cut and paste rip off


that's an awful design...and a total rip off from BME


I like it.
the design, I mean.
i haven't really heard about all this BME stuff, so I'm not all that biased.

am I the only one,
or is this slogan a tad lame?
"Stop drop and roll doesn't work in hell"
it doesn't work, period.
I think the slogan's dumb, I'd take it off.


Because they're right. This was ripped off of a BME logo.
Make your own damn graphics. Loser.


None of the elements are related. What is that, a Zorro mask?

Even with that aside, this is blatantly ripped off from Shannon Larratt and BMEzine. Way to violate a copyright, you tactless, talentless prick.


No part of this is cohesive.

And you're a copying fuck.


the saying doesn't really match with the picture well.


the wings really look like airborne wings issued to about some respect for the paratroopers?putting a zorro masked face onto the wings is really disrespectful and a mockery to all the men and women who have earned their wings.


this shirt is AWESOME I LOVE IT


the words should be a bit bigger and the text doesn't match the picture very well but a little tweaking would go a long way


how about you try submitting a design that isn't partially plagiarized?

Dr. Chocolate

as picasso said, "good artists borrow, great artists steal."

you, sir, are a great artist.


Giving someone the benefit of the doubt... isn't it possible that someone thought up a "masked moon with wings" independently of the BME "militia skull with wings". The shapes are similar but conceptually, to me, they say different things. I'm unbiased in this, I'd never seen either until 5 mins ago.


Words don't match picture, though.


This is not a rip-off. Dozens of other shirts on here are, but no callls 'em out on it. That being said, I don't like the graphic, text, or colors.


haha i like the words .. don't know about the graphic ..


I like it alot, maybe the mask should be replaced with something a bit more hellish though...?


i don't like it. doesn't seemed polished enough - stuff doesn't fit together. and if it's a ripoff, then i really don't like it.

Annie Inc

i like the graphic by itself.

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