It's different for threadless, because most of the shirts here are more bold graphic designs. I appreciate the change! I don't know if I like the look of the charcoal on paper though. Maybe if the shirt itself were a different color.. otherwise, it's a cool design and refreshing for this site.

Watch this

shoot the christians? thats the message im getting.


thats not what it means at all. It was just a drawing I did...I guess I wasnt thinking when I drew the cross.


glad to see that's not what it means... but you need to realize that people are looking for meaning in all of these tee shirts, even when there's none to be had. you're showing a fake gun and a middle-aged white Christian smiling...

before i read your comment, off the top of my head i thought you might be saying
- shoot the Christians
- Christians pretend to shoot people (or hurt them)
- Christians hurt people and like it
- maybe it's a commentary on dirty priests
- maybe it's a comment on Bush being Christian, trying to fix the world, and failing
- "guns don't kill people, people kill people"

even without the cross, you're using symbols with meaning. think about it before you post.


lose the cross and it would work a lot better


yea yea yea..I know...sorry for all the controversy! jeez.


Really....not liking this.


<sarcasm> What are you talking about, guys? I'm all about shootin' up some of those goddamn Christians. Bombs away, kids! </sarcasm>


D krez

too much line action going on for a shirt. nice sketch, but it's just not working

Springfish profile pic Alumni

DON'T remove the cross. It's the only thing that gives the drawling any balls. Forget trying to please everyone and not offend, life's too short. Yes, it's a good idea to be careful what you post and where. Especially on a site like this where it's more designers than artists. The difference you might ask?

Designers need an explanation for most things. Which is good because any good designer can explain ANY choice they made regarding design. Their job is to communicate ideas...visually. Hence some of your initial comments.

Artists, create based on emotion (most cases). Where the reasons WHY you do something are more vague.

I personally don't like the style or design of your submission. As a designer I find a lot of the same questions popping into my head causing a confused communication. But I could give a f#@k less if it's a Christian getting shot or not.


that guy looks like dick clark hahahhahahahha


It's a cartoon gun, do you all think Wile E. Coyote cartoons are anti-desert wildlife?


Blue Haired Goddess

I definitely interpreted this as a commentary against Bush at first glance. To me, It shows a lot of frustration with current politics and the population's inability to take action against it (hence, the fake gun). I personally wouldn't wear it, and I have a feeling that most people would find it too controversial to wear, but it is an interesting artistic concept. Good work.


it looks like a flabby mel gibson :X


"Artists, create based on emotion (most cases). Where the reasons WHY you do something are more vague. "
yeah. But not only is this art, this is design.
Remember, people will be buying this.

so fuck being ballsy.
It's not going to sell if people are offended by this.
I don't care how artistic it makes you look by wearing it, or how "over the edge" you may seem.

but to the tee shirt, I really dislike it alot.
That hand bugs me alot.
I would go back to square one.
Draw a gun with the little "bang" flag coming out.
then leave it.

No, i really don't like this.
Stick to vectoring.


I love it. I'd definitely wear this. I really like what szkat said it looked like (the last one), "guns don't kill people, people kill people". If this is what you meant, I'd maybe add this in here somehow. Either that or keep it how it is.


its offensive kinda, but most of all who is going to want to silk screen that, too busy for threadless, maybe try chunkier designs


Very Raymond Pettibon. Like the style but not the subject.


mel gibson? i like it..


its not really supposed to be mel gibson, but most people seem to think that..hah, whatever. thanks.


looks like mel gibson good job


this really wouldn't print well

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