like a gato

  • by ladyjulz
  • posted Dec 13, 2004


Watch this

awwwwwwwwww that is adorable. i'd wear it x89475486


i wouldn't wear a cat, especially since there's no reason for it to be in the lower corner.


^i suggest you redo everyones shirts just so theyre exactly the way you want them, since apparently threadless is supposed to cater to your every need.


thas so cute~ hehe . 4


it's cute & all but i've seen this cat in every chinese restaurant i've been in. maybe personalize the cat a little more. or maybe not, since that could be culturally offensive. i'm not sure. does anyone know what this cat symbolizes?


its original, but theres no story. just a cat. eh.


"but i've seen this cat in every chinese restaurant i've been in."

and more


the cat is a symbol of good luck....shopowners put it in their store to usher in financial success.. it's nice


don't hook-ups use that cat?

stellar zephyr

i give it a six! definate buy. and the fact that there is no reason for him to be in the corner makes him even better!

The Domo

Just for some info... Manekineko isn't just Chinese. It's used in a lot of asian countries, I only know the Japanese name though. The writing on the slab ('senmanryou' in Japanese) means 'ten million in each hand'. It's for good luck and particularly financial fortune.


Financial fortune! yeah. I wrote a very constructive opinion about this shirt yesterday, but apparently it was removed. It might have come off a little rude, so sorry. I was basically wondering why the shadow? I wish rude comments weren't removed, because then people would know what people really thought. SO, please feel free to dis my submission, I want to know how bad it sucks so I can do better next time. But, cyborgflovesyou, i love you but just not cats so much.


wow i wasn't aware comments were ever removed.... that sucks..... threadless and censorship...... wow thats just really to bad........ ,,,, ANYWAY THIS SHIRT ROCKS.. ID WEAR IT.....


hookups used that cat.. on their t-shirt it's flippin the bird


this would be better on a pink tee

interludio 44

i would love this if it were grey, not beige.

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