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I live in NYC and every other store has a window full of Che Guevara t-shirts, hats, beenies, everything. This is just poking fun at all of that.

Watch this

I'd like to see it smaller and with a propoganda type font. nice concept!


this is my favorite new design period.


Can someone more competent than me please design a t-shirt that points out that Ché was a cold-blooded killer who installed Castro? I would love for ever and the proverbial day.


i agree with sighfoo... a propaganda font would rock. keep it up!!


That is so fucking great!

People wear the shirt and have no fucking clue who he even is.


I agree with the font change. , also if the graphic were a little smaller I'd so buy one. My favourite psuedo-political scene irony is the kids at all the peace protests with the Che posters, as though Che were all about non-violent resistence instead of a revolutionary in favour of armed overthrow. :)


yeah maybe a bit smaller!


Thank you! Other American's who realize that no one else in the world cares about Che and realize that he was an awful guy.


Didn't we (America) hire the bolivian army to kill him when we found out he was endangering our cheap labor? I think that's actually what put Castro over the edge.. Che actually wanted good factory conditions for people who weren't white, which is only a crime if your a nazi, I guess. But what do I know. The Irony of course is, that all those shirts are probably now produced in sweatshops!


Whatever, I still think this shirt is dumb.




Che Guevara was a very important man, that's for sure. But I for one agree with you... I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like to see the world being flooded with his image, as if it was a trademark for some capitalist product. So, in short, great shirt you've got here.


Che Guevara simply died for his cause - he barely achieved anything. This is probably why most of the people who wear those t-shirts dont know what he did. Secondly, i agree with the irony is that those shirts are probably made in sweatshops by children, and that lots of opportunist businessmen have made a lot of cash out of his face.


for every reason listed here, this is probably the greatest t-shirt design ever


i love it, 5/5


Great idea, but the execution was awful. Very cliche, to big, and there is no style there. Revise please!


look, this shirt is not visually pleasing. but that doesnt stop it from being the greatest shirt ive seen in a ka-zillion years.
i LUFF this shirt, and its guaranteed to piss a lot of people off. imagine their complaints...
"but he did so many great things!, you know, um, he uh...."
people who wear those shirts dont know why they do it. they probably dont know who he is, either.


Excellent! You got people on both sides of the political spectrum for this design, (for and against Che) and that is a hard feat to accomplish. You took a target audience and snatched up opportunity. Simple. Brillant. "Why Didn't IThink Of That?"


Ok maybe some might like the concept, but there is no design it looks like shirt that I could go buy at Pac Sun or something. I would make some kind of design around the idea, and not just type it on the shit, that requires no talkent, and doesn't like good at all.


Hey, thank you so much for the suggestions, i'm going to make it smaller and do a sort of propaganda font like some of you have said, i think that it would make thedesign much stronger, again thank you


Oh c'mon people, this bullshit isn't any more original than the trendoids rockin' the Che gear it's supposedly satirizing.



im on it.


lol, "trendoids"... thats a new one

anyway, I think this idea is hilarious, but i doubt I would buy it because its just sort of obnoxious at the same time. The T-shirt just SCREAMS, I would almost be embarassed to walk around in it. Maybe that's just me. I'll wait to see the re-design, maybe tone it down a bit if possible with size or placement of the typography.


hehe good call cubfan, I like their better


wow, go political, and everyone comments

witty idea, Id buy it

5 whatever's


yeah, Cubfan beat me to it. BustedTees is funnier. but still a great idea.

The Domo

Haaaaahahaha. Wow.


Re-size and i'll buy it


wearing what you hate is always stupid.


yay! i enjoy this one very much. My wife has a tee shirt she made that says "Clever vintage t-shirt" the hell with this company lets combine forces and makes us some moneys.


Well, ignoring the man himself.. the shirt itself would be better with the "propoganda font" and (I don't know if it's already been said..) that olive green-ish color. You know? I think you probably do. I wouldn't buy it, though.


This is so awesome my history teacher loves Che id have to get this and poke fun at all his Che posters and such. 5+buy


Yes, please. I dislike Che.

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