• by lphiex
  • posted Nov 17, 2004

wow...the elemental minds (underground rap group) touring in europe was sporting the 50/50

Watch this

Looks a lot like the new Air Force logo


please leave some criticisim on piece when u vote. thanks.


it does kind of look like you have laurels surrounding the air force logo . . . and i think the white outline is WAY to thick. i think that there needs to be something of a little more visual interest in the center of the design, it is like you are framing a relatively generic graphic element with more relatively generic graphic elements. it is not a bad idea or a bad composition i just think you need something a little stronger in the center and you will have something. and if you are going to do the shadow effect w/ the darker grey, you might as well do it on everything b/c right now you are calling more attention to the laurels and they should not be area of focus. but i give you a 3 for the effort. keep at it!


Fallen One does make an interesting point about the shadows on the laurels. I wonder what the 50/50 means? Is it talking about the symmetry in the design?

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