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I think the image should be a little smaller and the text should be moved somewhere else (like underneath). Otherwise, I like it lots.

Watch this

agreed, make the image smaller


kind of a take off an existing shirt that has a nintendo controller and says "know your roots"... so watch for copyrighting... but good idea


Whoaa it looked like somthin' else at first. I agree though size it down, and loose the text, or tie it into the design better. It's just floating out in space right now.


unoriginal to the max


uh yeah ...i have seen a old school nintendo control shirt sporting the word "roots" should buy it and maybe ...hmm i dunno...sell it as your own idea.

get out of here man.


put the line image on the bottom right!
I promise that would look so dope, and you'd be able to keep it large cause it would work there.
I dont think the text is needed - it makes it look like a shirt of The Roots (by no menas a bad thing in itself).
So yeah edit the placement and lose the text would be my opinion.
Love the line-drawn controller thing though!


nintendo had a shirt out that showed the nintendo controller with the word "roots" underneath, and had to change it to "know you roots" to avoid copyright trouble, so your design is already fucked despite it being unoriginal. go away.

Colored Invisible Ink

Yeah, maybe I should just go to hot topic and buy a shirt almost exactly like the one you're trying to sell as being orginal.


i'm all about going back to video game roots, but this is simplicity to the point of boredom.

off-duty zombie

i think the image could be smaller as well. personally, i think it's kind of "tired" considering the "old school/roots" t-shirts from atari and nintendo. have you not seen the other shirts in stores everywhere?


sorry man, usually i try to be constructive but this is just lame.

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