real. vol2

Great concept. Needs to be 150% smaller. Most likely way too many colors in God's arm.

Watch this

welcome to the digital age. excellent


Clever, simple clean. The design is a bit large, beyond that great! You seem to understand that the best design is simple design. Keep running with that.. but not too much. No blank t-shirts for your next shirt. Well done.


Have the cursor at the same angle only flipped horizontally. You know like.
=\ /= does that make sense?

Josh Finck

awesome idea, really really sweet. i dont know if it woudl work well on the shirt. maybe its just the color. good concept for sure.


Legendary! And on the seventh day God rested and submited t-shirt designs on threadless

The Have

Uh... How many colors is that? Would it really have been THAT hard to cut down to four? At least then you would've had a shot in the dark of actually getting printed...


I love v2. Do not be discouraged! Fix it up from these excellent crit's and lets see v3. I can't wait to own this! What a great concept.


really cool idea! :D


Really nice. If you can get it down to four colors, I'd wear it.


have i seen this before?

mattnz profile pic Alumni

been done before and submitted few months back. sorry pal.


cute but not a shirt

Ava Adore

excellent concept. and would work best with that colour


im usually not into computer geek shirts ie pixelated crud but this is pretty cool


I love this idea. It needs to be alittle smaller though. And the arm has too many colors. Maybe you can do a vector of it.


Ditto what everyone said about simplifying the God-arm. I really love the concept. :)


Don't change a thing! I want two!


oh my f'ing gosh.
I would SO buy that and wear that with pride (:

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