demolish part 2

  • by Pezzz
  • posted Oct 31, 2004

haha great design but not one I would put on a shirt... 3

Watch this

the american flag was a nice touch. the cards look great, but also I probably wouldn't wear it.


ooh... i'd wear this if you moved the design down to the bottom of the shirt.
awesome awesome.
the 'flatness' of the vehicle contradicts that of the cards though... try to make both the same style... unless that was intentional?


the idea is wonderful
but it does need to be smaller and higher up in the shirt


this is mad.... get rid of the truck altogether!


if the crain was in the same perspective as the cards the two images would work better together. right now they seem like two different illustation styles mashed together. good concept though.


agree with the 2D/3D contradiction... 4

BigMouthDog've see this in "BLUR" 's MTV lah !

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