Something cool being done with Threadless shirts...

This girl on ebay reconstructs Threadless shirts and makes them into way cute girly tops. Here are a couple she has up right now:

"Road Block" Polo

"Motovino" V-neck

I think turning the "Motovino" shirt into a girlier top just enhances the beauty of the design. I love how she added the little leaf appliques.

She does the same for band shirts, and she also makes her own original designs. And she gives credit for all of them! Yay.

PS - I swear I don't work for her.

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OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

That's pretty awesome. I like girls, they're great!


that's seriously cool. i'd buy both of them if i had the appropriate body parts.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Very much agreed.. (and I was going to use the word 'seriously' also, damn you JC)

That looks so professional. Threadless should hire here.
Wouldn't mind seeing 'Distant Future' cut up and re-arranged. (damn that tee is such a disappointment)


:D @eskimo

travis76 profile pic Alumni

girls that sew awesome.


Wow, that is pretty.
Motovino is just an ace design even in itself, giving you an impression that it's Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni having a break from filming La Dolce Vita at Cinecitta studios in 1960.


wow, she's pro.
i dabble in shirt reconstruction but whoa
it looks like she bought them.

you always find the neatest stuff on ebay.


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Yeah, that's great to see, very talented, and she isn't ripping off their stuff like that one kook was. This is top-notch.

her page design is very clean too, top-notch again.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

dang, she has some awesome stuff.....prob have to get something for my honey from she on threads....she could really promote this here....


whoa...those are completely has already been said. does she have a website or are these only on ebay??? sorry, i just dislike ebay for some odd reason. but the shirts ROCK!


i've tried to buy from her, but the prices go up really high!


She's reconstructed Threadless shirts before, so she's probably on here somewhere. Looks like I'm promoting for her, so I guess she doesn't need to. Her clothes sell for quite a bit usually, anyway, without any Threadless pimping. I just thought you guys would enjoy seeing someone using Threadless shirts for good rather than evil for a change.

mle82, I don't think she has a website. There are a lot of diy independent designers who make their living off of ebay. Some of them get so successful that they create a companion website, but I think this girl only does reconstructions for a hobby rather than a job.


she links to threadless under the streatteam supernoodle.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Her name on here, I guess, is "Supernoodle". I bet she gets alot of streetteam points from linking her auctions here.

Damn, she should make some really cool guys shirts.

los lobos

simply amazing, threadless should take notes


Yeah, I guess I could look like her if I was skinny and had a better haircut. Gahhh.


well that's cool anyway if she doesn't have a site. thanks for the awesome link!


sooooo jealous.


That is shit hot, shame there arent any recreated guys shirts

tesko profile pic Alumni

ouch, I cant imagine her doing a yo-fu but if she did I'd have to buy it no matter what


Hey.. im just standing over here


awesome stuff, lm getting my sis one.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

that is pretty damn cool!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Let's petition for men's shirts. I must have one.


Woah. Too bad they're all small.


Those are so gorgeous. AND OMG SMALLS TOO! Ahh. bookmarks profile


oh i love those!!!


Yeah, this girl is a pro. I saw what she did with Permafrost Pollution and it was pretty damn rad.

Skipper, I'll sign your petition :)


I've been DYING for one of her shirts. I was swooning over that permafrost pollution and now i'm swooning over the motovino one.

But alas, I am not SMALL!!!


very, very cool, indeed!


yeah, i love the motovino design but it seems a little manly to me. she made it ridiculously gorgeous though.


haha, thats cool.


aw shucks guys... i'm at a loss for words and starting to resemble a tomato right now. thanks everybody! no website...yet. no street team points either :( larger sizes are in the works , but i'm not sure appliques and ruffles would be too appealing on a guy.

tesko, yo-fu? someday...maybe a thursday :)

clean is good. robsoul, glad you noticed :)

and Jennyyyyyy! you deserve a raise! really though, i'm indebted to you. thanks so much!

okie now, see you later alligator(s)


yay! large shirts! not that I'll be able to afford them...

tesko profile pic Alumni

Fingers crossed


Ooh, I want a reconstructed long sleeve shirt. If she made one I’d have to see how high prices go first, that Radiohead one is already at $55.


Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check check out the new Threadless reconstructions she has up on ebay right now (links added at the top).

She Says So

those are fantastically amazing!

although nearly all size s. :(

Easy Jack

Damn, I wish I was that handy with a needle and thread.


I LOVE her stuff. I really want that Radiohead one :)


those are so great


Me too, Easy Jack, though I suspect she employs the help of a sewing machine from time to time, so it's not ALL her. haha

She had some medium shirts up a couple weeks back that I was planning on bidding on, but the prices got too high and I gave up. It sucks being poor.

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