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  • by lunchy
  • posted Oct 23, 2004

Be nice. This is my virgin post. IMO this tee would rock with this on the front and a power socket printed at half scale, positioned in the small of the back.

Watch this

i really like the jelly fish, but there's something odd about a socket in my armpit.


Would look neat on black.


itd be awesome if a large majority, if not all, of the tendrils had plugs.


i think there are too many tenticles up top, it looks kinda cluttered. take a few out, then give ONLY the white ones plugs on the end...

i like this idea. is it for HV? it works even if its not, keep up the good work

ps- im pretty new to this place too, heh


Thanks for the feedback guys, although I think a power socket in your armpit could come in very handy. =)
And yeah, this submission was for high voltage.


Very nice...possibly if you had all of its tenticles being sockets, and then possibly an object thats its hooking too....if you had all of its enticles being plugs, then it would somewhat look uniform and seem to have more of a purpose. But i really like this one...out of all the others, this one sticks out, keep it up nigga


i think its beautiful and cool...i dont think it'd look good with all of the tenticles being sockets, but maybe a few more


good idea - needs some work though. its too big

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