the loneliest puppet

i really don't like the text at the bottom but

the art is great

Watch this

yeah, the idea comes across without the text.


i actually dont mind the text. haha - must be the current mood that i'm in. LOL. will buy WITH text.


i f@#kin love it!!! Text... no text. whatever... 5


I would have to say get rid of the spotlight and keep the shadow. But if no one else agrees with me then go with the popular majority.


too many colors


my only note is I don't think the shadow looks realilistic to the shape of the spotlight. But I have no way to prove that. Still this shirt is so amazing it makes me want to do something with my life. 10 out of 5, if I could.

time master

there are only four colors on this shirt, the shirt color just happens to be one of them

time master

scratch that: five colors, but the shirt color is one of them so its only four ink colors


aw poor puppet. that's really nice. i'd buy it.


aw, poor little puppet man, i don't mind the text, but it's a very very cool shirt! 5!


Thats a really cool shirt, something I would wear for sure.


find this a little depressing... maybe canging colors would make more upbeat


Seems too pale..maybe make the shirt darker, heighten the contrast to add a little emphasis on the spotlight, and the fact he's alone, yeah?


genius! i love it...

Alanna Richards

I adore this one, and I think it works just fine with or without the text. Nice.


lose the blue highlights and you're set with the color issue. I'd lose the text as well. 5 otherwise.


puppets freak me out... but i'd wear this! i agree about losing the text, though.


Agreeing with everybody saying remove the text. Otherwise it's great.

time master

is there a color issue? can threadless not print this even though one of the five colors is the color of the shirt?
And thanks for all the kind words as well everybody.

The Have

Keep the damned text. Art should serve the artist.

5 and Buy with text, absolutely nothing without.

time master

hes a puppet, not a marionette


No text please.

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