• by Gumchew
  • posted Oct 18, 2004

it's kinda hot. but i'm not into it.

Watch this

Too simple. Where's the background?

Other than that, you have a stable subject.


This is just hott (that's right, with two 't's)!

Can't have enought hot girl shirts in one lifetime!


Colors could probably be better, though.

What I would do (if you care) is color the illustration and put it on a darker colored shirt.

God, I love this image though. Don't give up on this one!


gross....i would so not talk to anyone wearing this, it's just disgusting.


this is my first submission to the site.
and so, one of my biggest concerns of this peice was simply to see how the site works, and what i could do here.

i'm not entirely happy with it as a shirt, but i do love it's potential, so any constructive feed back is appreciated.
(yes, i do care)

and i apologize if it seems to be too vulgar for some; my intentions were to focus on shape and form, it was not meant to be just a 'hot naked girl' as it may appear.

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Whoa, rock on! Hot naked ladies. Ooh me so likey. Me so horny, me love you long time.


I dunno ... the butt just seems ... a bit misshapen. Especially the right cheek. And what are those 2 little lines peekin out the crack?

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Needs a little chocolate starfish action.


put some panties on her, maybe some that say evil


nice work..... I have to admit i would not wear it on a shirt,,,, but Shes hot,,,, You got skills.....


simple and hot

mr fish

totally bad. oi mena who would seriously wear this shirt and not expect to get slapped and beaten up. this is purile trash


You got everyone fired up with this one......I don't think she looks very hot though, the face is kinda boyish...I think. Oh well, you're getting a lot of comments. That's always good.

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her butt seems mis-shapen to me.....


i dig it, and i'm a chick. reminds me a little of betty page, even her face. but the but does seem a little misshapen. i think it might be better on different colors. i don't think its vulgar, and even if you did, calling it "gross" is not constructive criticism.


i like it... not for a shirt though..


i agree that it's testeless, considering its a girl and she shouldn't have testes.
it is also tasteless and her bum looks funny. keep working on it.


I would throw some skimpy hot pants on her, slap some red lips on them then maybe add a retro font text saying "read my lips" or "kiss my ass" maybe even some flames on her boots to break up the solid colour...

root beet

she looks like lucy from chalie brown and also it looks like theres a couple hairs poking out of her ass...
i dont mind it though


Your intentions were to focus on shape and form, and the only thing you could think of is a girl bent over....thats funny...nice focus, big ol' 0.....


this is for pressure: ever hear of the pen tool, photoshop or illustrator??? no drawing skills neccessary, just trace a picture. no offense to mcmidas....i think if you tried to draw it yourself, n maybe not give her such a transexual face, and cloth her a little to leave something for the imagination, then you got something, but hey what do i know, none of my designs have been made yet!!!!


Screw everyone who hates this shirt. I love it!!

the gills

again looks like something ihave seen beofre nothing new here


well its certainly gotten peoples thanks though
i agree with some of the other people, i dont like shit like this comming up while i'm scoring
fat zero for 'no thanks'


this is for mikenomy, .......... WHO THE FUCK CARES.... mcmidas still has skills,,, why attack me for liking his/her art,,, i actually liked a few of yours,,, but i guess i must not know what i like.............maybe you should use aliitle tracing in your art................. hahahahha man,,,, why are ppl so serious about this,,, Art is what it is to each person...........................:(


in that stance the boob would be hanging out a bit unless she's really flat. and the wrinkles around the crotch area make her look like she's made out of rubber. besides. who's going to wear almost porn on their shirt in public? not me.


no. just no.


one day left:
thank you to those who offered true constructive criticisms.
maybe i'll re-work it and try again...

i hear that hot pants are all the rage this season.


looks just like those lame stickers that rednecks have on their trucks

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