it's the distance

  • by posikids!
  • posted Oct 11, 2004

it's the distance!

Watch this

are you going the distance? why the fighter jet?

mr fish

its too hard to see!
c'mon people, is it too much to ask for simple designs so we can judge your shirt on htat rather than fancy presentations?

¥s profile pic Alumni

nice lines you got!

stotty01 profile pic Alumni

Simplify the design, it's too crowded!




love it




crispy clear and beautiful! i love it!


yummygrubs: it's about how the distance can destroy a relationship. not obvious i know...
mr fish: what's hard to see?
style: ok - tell me why!


i like it but i woudlnt wear it because everyone would think it's a band t shirt. i like the design a lot, maybe you could do something else with it?


Whenever people tell me that my designs are too simple, this is what I envision how they want them to look. Simplify things, get rid of the text, and I'd like it more. Then again, it seems as if the majority of people here like designs that include everything but the kitchen sink, so you might want to avoid my advice. 3


i fell in love the second i saw it. not TOO much on it, but just enough. 5&buyit.




like a lot. i believe I originally saw your work in small but important art magazine math. issue one wasn't it?

i believe the albulm should be named "Snooze your illusions 2". yes or no?

dictator daile

if the background wasn't red, i would buy it. maybe it would look better with a brown or grey background......?


maybe if it said distance kills.. or tyranny of distance or something about how shitty it is.


great colours! i'll buy it no doubt~
it glows on my screen


If you got rid of the bulls eye and half an arrow the entire design would be twice as strong, it seems like a hmoage to flight almost considering you words "the distance." Like going the distance, flight did, overcoming an ass load of obstacles and what not. Beautiful lines and I love the color of the shirt, I'd buy it right now with the bullseye but I'd like to see it removed


yeah, the bullseye is meant to be a sonar blip \ radar thingy to tie in with the military \ destruction theme. i guess it does look like a bulls eye... it might look a bit funny removed though no? thanks all for the comments - appreciated.

Poncho Bebop

The bullseye/blip thing is cool, but it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the design since the lines are so much thicker on it. As for the whole design, WOW. I love that font, it looka so grood with the military/crazy lines thing. Simplicity can be a good thing, but that doesn't mean everything has to be simple. This design looks fantastic with all the detail, so why would you take that away? I guess it just really appeals to me. I'd buy it.




dude, ! , sorry bit late - one day t go! u know we love it, it got auctioned off in the foyer fr millions!
check it , the new thang is E-LOVE , black eyed peas r bringing out a new EP in jan on it, it's EVERYWHERE!!
and 'thedistance' - yeah much more comfortable on a T than wood, and damn sexier too! peaceandlove GoodLuck


I really like this one. The design has a good flow to it... a lot of comments are indicating that they think it's too busy, but fuck that. It flows enough to absorb how busy it is.


rotate it 45 degrees counter-clockwise. pure gold then.


Hugh, it's greg. Very nice. I've liked this one for quite some time. Goodluck in britain, mate.

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