One Love

  • by us
  • posted Oct 05, 2004

know your roots style so neg.

Watch this

I would buy this, and it would be my favorite shirt ever. Just in a different color.


ooh I'd buy it. I kind of like how the color is now.

sunshine recorder

whats the connection between these two things? ' i love nintendo' ?


That image is copyrighted, and without it your design is boring.


i like it and would probably buy it if it was in a darker colour(the tee that is)


I'd sooo buy this. Just in a different color


i'd buy it too, but in a different color (shirt)

question mark?

not like the old school nintendo stuff is getting a bit overused...

yea its cool, but really...


try hot topic, they'll like it better


fuck hot topic. thats the gap of the wana be non mainstream

this shirt is funny. i like hearts . i like nintendo.
i like this shirt indeeed.
i would buy it. fosho

sugar turd

nintendo is starting to get over done...but it still has some time in the sun...i like this shirt alot


oi, i believe it's copyrighted. also, bad t-shirt color.


As I was scrolling down this shirt I was uber excited.
Then I saw the Nintendo controller and ralphed. Hot Topic, anyone?
Oh, and another thing, it'd look like whoever was wearing it had a Nintendo nipple ring...
maybe you were going for that effect...I sure hope not.
I like yellow and pink.


some nice colour instead, or grey... gave it 4.


and maybe remove the heart, looks like nostalgia. just a huge pad would mean REPRESENT 79 KIDS!


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