• by catattack
  • posted Oct 05, 2004


Watch this
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I prefer Saddams new look, a crazy old bastard who murdered thousands (while America supported him and while America was against him). Politics politics politics, oh and genocide.

Shit the more I look at this the more I think about the current situation, Che is dead and symbolic for the wrong reasons(a Urban Outfitters homage), this is definitely pertinent. It needs to be tattooed on Bush's chest.


dont talk so much jeez

ctt profile pic Alumni

Your ahead of your time man. When our kids grow up and become hipsters and start hating us for all the horrble shit that has happened on our watch, they will probably wear Saddam shirts to piss us off.


Jurashik, maybe you should only speak if you acutally have something pertinent to say, otherwise, stay away from dissing others who actually have informed and educated opinions.
Yep, I like this shirt, it's the next generation's equivalent of our current "Che" shirts


Try something else with Saddam, that anyone could laugh at. I'd be afraid to buy this simply becuase I know I'd risk getting beaten.

sugar turd

now this shirt could get you shot at...for sure.....


It's not like a Saddam shirt wouldn't work, it's that you better make damn sure it WORKS.


reminds me alot of Shepard Fairy,,, OBey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mr fish

yeah this is a goos start, you guys are right though, this is probably a pre-cursor for the next generations Che t-shirts. I would buy this though..and wear it


really needs a big gnarly beard

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