• by turbo!
  • posted Oct 04, 2004


Watch this

Looks good. A few things:

--Outlines can be used around the lightbulb and possibly the arrow to help smooth the transition of colors (like pink>green, etc).
--I might move the design a little higher on the shirt, and maybe a smidge right, but not by much.
--Maybe snug the text up closer to the design? Doesn't seem bad where it is now.
--I think what's kind of bothering me about the text is that the font doesn't seem to vibe with the feel that the design gives me. There are lots of free font sites and stuff out there that have 1000's of free fonts that you can choose from. IM me and I'll hook you up with some links if you want.

I like it though, bro. I'd wear it. :)


I say just no "growth", and I'd buy it


i dont really like the font or the "growth" much either. but i love the colors used. green and pink works well.


oh god I hate it when fonts are chosen without much thought.


I like the colours, but thats about it. Sorry


I think the font should maybe be a little more... happy looking


i would love it if the color was different, or if there was more contrast from the pink/white. i still think its awesome


okay well I don't understand what a lightbulb has to do with growth, but I do think it's a neat design and I personally like the font, it works well with the design behind the lightbulb, however can't say I would get it.... since wearing a shirt I don't understand the point of kinda makes me a loser.


I'm sorry, i see that font type everywhere, I dont like it at all! just had to say it.

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