Red Thorns

  • by skoot
  • posted Oct 02, 2004
  • 18 Comments's jesus, never seen him on a shirt before

Watch this

He's on and in everything, so they'd lead you to believe...


"Why is Jesus always played by white actors?"

sugar turd

lol @ S*VH... i always wondered that myself...


Because jesus was of the Jewish "race", who are white......................


Um, no. Jesus would've been brown-skinned. He lived in the middle east.


thank you for your big creativity....


how about we avoid any argument about the color of jesus by never putting him on a shirt again.


Add an assinine comment like JESUS IS MY FAVORITE CEREAL or JESUS POOPS and you'll have a wonderful career making shirts at the beach. I hate it though.


right. and i wonder why jesus is always picked on instead of some other religious figures.
anyway, sharper features would make it look better, and the blood stains on the crown of thorns don't work. not all thorns pierce his head. i'd suggest random stains, some blood dripping on his forehead would look better.


I fully agree with Catt.


geeez, must we continue to resurrect him on a boring t shirt?

mr fish

He arose again on the 10000th t-shirt bearing his image, and the people did reach for their mice and clicketh on the 0 for they were well and truly pissed of at him.

PLus to the guy who syas that he would be white becuase he was jewish, thats BS, he would have been Arabic in appearance becuase of a wide variety of thigns tha i really don't have time to go into. Jesus is lame anyway.


isn't jesus copyrighted? he should be. i'd talk to the pope about this t-shirt - also, do you think it is really appropriate to be exposing small children to an image of torture?


Hey! don't listen to theose who say taht your shirt is ugly...I think it's wonderful!!!
just add something like JESUS DIED or HESWINE and woud be art....BELIEVE...
ps. he's not being tortured...he's just wearing a crown!


Jesus wouldn't even wear this...and not just because it clashes with his diaper.

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