Breathe and all will be calm

The B is so striking, that 3 repetitions becomes a bit much. Also, your R and A are remarkably similar, if not identical, making it difficult to make out what is being said. Combine that with the layout, which appears very similar to the look of many major retailers pushing brand identity, and it becomes hard to tell if this is a shirt with a B that says "breath" or a shirt with a logo pushing "baeath" brand clothing.

Watch this

I disagree with the R / A thing... the A's top left corner is rounded while the R is an angle.


the three b's almost seems like an acronym to me.. maybe like "bad breath biOtches" i like the typestyle of the shirt. there also seems to be a new phase where everyone's promoting "breathe," as if it weren't an involuntary action of the body. so, you could easily add an "e" at the end of your design and see if you can get anything out of the phase.


some thing to make the center B or some other B stand out would really add alot i think





Its not that its a bad design...

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