• by RingoKid
  • posted Oct 02, 2004

WTF are you doing ???

You don't own copyright for those symbols so you can't sign ownership away to threadless.Do you even know which region or tribe they come from ???

I'd suggest contacting the site admin and having it removed.

Maori take cultural misappropriation very seriously ! ! !

Watch this
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Also, the design sucks.


RingoKid: I don't think tribes take the time to register their symbols with the USPTO. It's just a random "tribal" design. It's not supposed to have any meaning, just to look cool.

And you can't copyright a symbol, you're thinking of trademarks.


tribal usually looks a lot better when the lines are thicker and there isn't so much empty space between them. i'd buy the shirt if the design were on the back and the part in black jutted out of my spine at least 6", then i could feel like godzilla.


tattoo this on your back like all the nu-metal kids, but don't submit it for a shirt. 0 for all tribal designs, hands down.


sorry aleron..

but in maori iconography everything has meaning and it relates to tribes in certain areas. Of course they're not going to registersymbols of their cultural identity but it doesn't make it fair game for others to appropriate them out of context...



there dousnt seem to be much thought put into the desighn, theres no focus of attention, no idea comunicated and no real interesting composition, sorry i give a 1


you can copyright symbols...besides, symbols mean more than logos do.


cool, but there's just something wrong.
i don't know about all that copyrighting stuff but maybe its too simple.


its something a poor surfer would wear.



i think ive seen that before...

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