• by oeps
  • posted Oct 01, 2004

"Oeps" it's on a Tee!

Watch this

I like it, although the paint runs bring my eye away from the main design. Maybe get ride of the text inside and put it on the back of the teeby the neck?


The drips seem extraneous, they don't really jive with the rest of the illustration. You could put the text outside the bunny-thing in the same place as the drips, with the same thickness white outline, and you could keep the general effect without the drips, and with the text.


if that's a snail/slug, the drips are reasonable, but then snails and slugs's eyes are at the ends of their whatever. i really have absolutely no idea what the design is supposed to be. but either way it looks like a jism stain to me.


I have to agree with the others about the drips. They are nice drips, but they don't belong in this piece. Otherwise, I dig it.


I like the drips. Makes it different to "the rest" that are done in a similar style. X5


Go the snail...


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Like the drips, not sold on the eyes and after looking at your online portfolio, I know you can do something more (original) with the eyes.


I like it a lot, reminds me of the Happy Tree Friends where all the cute little animals end up getting slaughtered in the most horrific (funny) way. Nice! definate 5 from me!


I think the drips are an integral part of this piece....however in that direction i agree with cpagan...it draws your eyes away from the middle. If it's a slug/bunny thing you're going for maybe make a trailing sort of ooze? Otherwise I like this piece.


Cute, very nicely put together. Let the drips stay! I think it adds to it, it could be the weird peace/victory-sign-bunny/slug's droppings.


i think its very nice, and simple. maybe the shirt should have more of an earthtone feel!


I like it... I like it a lot. Although I feel that the paint drips are kind of pulling my eyes away from the main design; maybe eliminate or move?

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