Love Forever

I'm all loved up and this inspired me to make this design to show how great I feel, hope you like it.

Watch this

Happy happy joy joy!


It's cute, and the font works fantastically with the heart motif and the graphic quality of the piece. I like it as it is, but I might also like to see it using more than one color. I'm not sure if it would add to or detract from the simplicity of the piece.


I have to say... I'm not one to go for sappy designs, but this is a nice piece of work.


I think it needs to be postitioned a bit higher, and made smaller
But your enthusiam is certaily contagious


I'd like to see it in yellow or blue. Not gray. I like it, it's kinda 60's - 70's vintage.


the design is awesome but the messege is too cliche


mabey if the words said " too many heart shirts" or something, it would be a anti heart shirt heart shirt, cool


Thanx for all your comments, I will let this one run its five days and then maybe do another one on lots of colours and a bit smaller and higher up..... yeah its cliche, but im not one to be forever!!!! thanx again.

Miss Bones

Thats cool, love the text!..the only other thing I would have done was to have it in a different colour.


move it up alittle.
otherwise, yeah.


I like the design, but perhaps on a darker shirt, but thats just me, I prefer darker colours, but yeah, really nice work!!


i dig where this is at man. high fiiive.

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