Ruby Fly

this is a picture of an orphan that ive visite every year in mexico, the outline of the roof may be a bit complex to print, but tell me what you think

Watch this


nice concept, but i'd work on the detailing a bit.


from what i see on the shirt, i cant tell if she's smiling i dont know


nice idea...but maybe it's just me personally, i don't like small and detailed images on shirts. from far away, they tend to look distorted. and yea, the mouth looks a bit odd from far away too. tweak it more a bit i guess? and put it higher on the shirt maybe? i duno.
but i like. i went over to mexico for just a week and the smiles on the kids' faces totally struck me. not to mention this looks cool cuz its like, look at me! i'm flying! hehe =)


IMO, if you trace the neccesary outlines in Illustrator you will have a good design.


When I see this I am immediatly reminded of Heraldo's mustache.


i like it. is her name really ruby?


Not digging the filter. If you could redraw it in a vector program it would look rad. I also dislike white shirts, a more thoughtful color would probably strengthen it. Think of a color you'd associate with Mexico.


i like it and aside from what other people said. i think different color tshirt would also help.


Really cute, but it does sort of look like she has a mustache.


I think the drawing is too hairy


it,s simple,it,s cool,i,d buy for ma sister


i love it, but the brick wall is just not not interesting


honestly, I don't care who she is, I wish the image was cleaned up and worked on more.

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