• by hey_barn
  • posted Sep 27, 2004

love it!

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hillarious! it made me laugh out loud.


haha. that's awesome.

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Opps, I should have put the “VIEW PLACEMENT” & “BACK TO DETAIL” buttons on the right! Oh well, next time…

Loose pencil doodle that popped into my head whilst I was put on hold to a call centre. I liked it on the grey sample tee, but it does work well on all colours (apart from on black). Image imported into Flash as a 4-colour gif (hi res version in Photoshop).


Love it! (and know someone who would want one too!)


god, that's wonderful. i like the colors. adds to the starkness. would most def buy.


This is Gucci if not better.. i'd buy.. hell, i'll pay for the printing who wants one?

Might not be totally true


haha funny, squirrels rule, but colors would be cooler, colors rule


like color in the bandana and acorn, or something?


this is very nice! good job


i swear i have seen that before

i swear i swear i swear...

or maybe i am just thinking of that junior varsity video where ther ewas a squirrrl w/ a thing around its neck/face ?


its ok i guess?

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Hey Analgobeauty – honest it’s an original (the initial concept is drawn on a little yellow Post-it note which I still have). Looked up ‘Junior’ + squirrel and found Junior Senior has a brown pixel squirrel doing shots etc in their “Move your feet” video (but it looks different enough as far as cartoon squirrels go!?) ;]

Cheers all for the comments!


Great Tee - would definately buy and wear - although would prefer pecans than acorns.....mmmm pecan pie...


Excellent! Very funny design and definitely worth printing! I'd wear it :]


another hey_barn masterpiece


lol - great design Barn.


I wan't one !


way cool, i would definently buy it


ohh...i really like this one. Nice and simple. My favorite so far barn.

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Yay, cool!!! Made over 300 votes - might be a personal best soon!?! Keep em' coming (with thanks) :]

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I hadn’t seen that cartoon before Wabash, but yeah it’s similar (man, at least it’s not got two squirrels or a gun involved!?). Cheers for letting me have a look - that cartoon was date 2002 in The New Yorker, so good memory on your behalf :] Alibi? I’m in the UK and not NY (honest Gov)… ;]

I must admit whenever I have a weird design idea pop into my head I wonder just how many times it’s been done before. If I have any doubt that I may have seen it (or subconsciously be drawing from an old reference image) I don’t bother as someone will immediately say your copying/stealing and provide URL evidence!

If I reach 400 votes I will be really stoked! Happy Friday - beer and nuts all round! {hic}

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You mean The Far Side’s Gary Larson crackedpale – because it’s in black & white and uses humour??? Hmmm...


yeah... thats nuts... id rock it > 5+

gypsy rags

this is bad ass
I want to wear it today!


5... this is the first shirt that made me laugh out loud.


a 5. The best one I've seen since I joined. Hilarious.


This rocks. By far the best T-Shirt I have seen.

How come the squirrel is wearing a mask but no pants?

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The mask must be his pants Dentice LOL! Actually, both squirrels are not very well endowed, poor bastards (well, unless they’re girl squirrels)…

Anyway!? Have broken the 500 vote barrier and hit a personal best in terms of number of votes and number of comments (yay YAY!!!). Now, let us see if I can break my highest 2.5 avg score???

Time for Monday morning celebration toast and tea. Thanks to those who voted :]


I'm just waiting for a reprint so I can have this for my very own...


Please reprint this t-shirt, PLEASE! I want it! I want it! I WANT IT!!!


Thank you for re-printing this shirt!


this shirt is awesome but a shop in melbourne called episode has ripped it off...
its in their new line and the only difference is that they arent black and white, its on brown with a green outline and has please written above the gun squirrel.

just letting you know, maybe you should check it out and see whats going on




This was the first Threadless T I found and I still wear it with pride! Interestingly, I wore it to Sasquatch and some random drunk girl pointed at me and laughed. Her friend told her not to point and laugh as it's rude, but completely ignoring her friend, she had to take a picture of it. I let her, and now I'm sure the pic's out there somewhere floatin' around.


ahahahah!! i really like it!! you did a good job :D


I love this shirt! Just ordered my red one and can't wait for it to come :)


Found this one at a thrift store in Athens.

True story.

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