War Machine

Not too sure if its too detailed but i thought I would submit it anyway

Watch this

This one's a keeper in my book. I've always been a fan of techno-organic styles, and this is done up with just enough detail and simplicity to keep it both interesting and not too busy. I love the stylings of the wings, but the large dangling hoses come a hair close to being too vacant. Perhaps if they were the darker grey with white as a highlight, they wouldn't feel so empty.


love the illustration. I would buy it. Maybe giving the tubes a bit more detail would make them seem like they fit with the design.


it looks ALOT like the Tony Hawk clothing work!

[i may be wrong]


A all around. I love this shirt.


thanks for the comments guys : ) ,


I don't understand how all these comments can be positive, I mean the design is well crafted, but honestly, what does it mean, if anything and, my brother has many many shirts with designs very similar to this. name brand shirts, shrits that everyone are wearing.


Old Powell Peralta style here.. not bad.



I agree its Hawk-esh, Peralta-ish,,, thats not a diss ,,,nice artwork!!!!!!!!


i could find this same design at target


agree, it looks like it belongs in the juniors 12-16 section.


Cool but to much "Skateboard" for me...

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