hey good design. religion does kill. but JESUS BRINGS LIFE. many have used his name for wrong purposes and wars throughout history. study and find the truth. just a thought. love ur style.

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kind of cool, but violates my high school dress code plus some of my friends would freak out and be all offended. but i like it.


considering my "w.w.j.d." tattoo i can't say i approve of that, but a 3 for artistic talent


i am inclined to laugh at this. but i'm not into blatently insulting people for their beliefs.


Sons of Liberty = terrorists too. I like it, even though it's not Jesus but unholy motherfuckers who commit acts in "HIS" name. 4 or 5


artworks great but rework the font... yikes! :()

- I'd buy/wear a tee kinda like this - but only if that text read better.. less harsh...


it's more of a civil rights (anti-patriot act) message than an anti-religion message. i'm down with jesus like nobody's fucking business, though i understand the offensive factor. thanks for the comments.

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sugar turd

i would totally not wear this for religious purposes and i would be horribly disturbed if i saw it on the far as design i like the set up but would never support this


at first i thought it was rasputin. i would have more respect for the people that wear these kind of shirts if they were any kind of hardcore atheist/agnostic, but that would still be a miniscule amount of respect. it makes me happy to see people standing up for the Man in the art world.

Allen Sutton

fonts no good... def. no good


font is great. don't change it.


Definitely a cool design. Don't let the fear-mongers, wussies and the negative, no imagination naysayers get ya


I have the feeling this won't get printed, but I'm happy you didn't hold back on this design.

Everyone has the right to express themselves, and if people don't like it, or they misunderstand the message, then it's not your problem.

Burning-Robot profile pic Alumni

"Everyone has the right to express themselves, and if people don't like it, or they misunderstand the message, then it's not your problem." <== Untrue. As a designer it is definitely your problem. Your goal is to try and get your message across, and you didnt do that.


oooookay, then what in the world does this have to do with the Patriot Act?


the font is really hard to read...... needs a little bit of work


I think I'd offend alot of people with this I LOVE it


DO NOT CHANGE THAT FONT...Nice idea.. but what did Jesus ever do to deserve this? Aren't we all wrong at some point. Who, without sin, will cast the first stone? Fuck it, I sin all the time, I'll just lie and say I'm sinless..BLUE, YOU'RE MY BOY!!!!!


Wow, I was just thinking; "I wonder what I could wear that would get me shot?" thanks for providing the perfect solution. Sorry, too offensive for commercial purposes.

mr fish

This is great. People said that a shirt saying 'Jesus Helps Me Trick People' wouldn't sell. It did. This is really good, maybe touch up the font a tiny bit, make it a bit more legible so your message gets across straight away. PLus it would make it seem less anti-religion and more civil liberties, which is where I hope you want to take this shirt. In either case (religio or civil) I'd buy it, maybe a second one so i could always have one clean while the bloodstains on the other were washed out ;)


well nice :)


This is definitely not an anti religion shirt. As far as my guess goes, it's about the disreptency between who we call a terrorist or freedom fighter. While many pundits have referred to Liberals as "terrorists" or "Ant-Americans" Jesus is the most highly regarded liberal in all of history which is why the message makes perfect sense.

thick as a theif

jesus is not a liberal......what in the heaven?


word kooch. ...he does look a bit suspicious eh? the beard? the tan skin? religious fanatic?


The graphics aint slick enough for my liking.
I've seen better wannabe offensive shirts.


The font is just a bit of eh... subtle - o - nosity. You know. If it said Terrorist clearer, it'd be like those Bush Senior and Bush shirts that say Dumb and Dumber - They make you look dumb. I love the angry subtle - o - nosity of it. x5.


the idea may be okay but this shirt absolutely sucks. the colors are puke, the size is too big, the font is trashy and the jesus is trashy. the concept may be okay, but have someone else design the shirt


I like the concept...the illustration needs tons and tons and tons and tons of work.


that isn't jesus. it's the artist formerly known as cat stevens.


yeah i like the idea but it's too big and um, maybe needs to be changed around or something..


I would offer that it's not an illustration anyway, it's clip art and therefore is what it is. Tons and tons of work don't apply.


I'm far from religious, but what are you trying to get at? If I have to see another "Osama with a halo" or "George W with devil horns" design i'm gonna puke. Like Protoguy said; get some better clip art.


the anti patriot actness has nothing to do with Jesus.
to me, the statement made on this shirt would make look stupid to any educated person.
keep it relevant.
I feel stupid even looking at it.

no offense to the artist...but read more.
maybe read the bible?
what Jesus stands for isn't what terrorists stand for right?

or is this a sarcastic statement? like anyone can be labeled as terrorists? i don't get it.
are you trying to say: "even jesus can be labeled as a terrorist." ?
i dont understand.

I think if thats what you are trying to play off of, then use a question mark after "terrorist".
so its more like a question. maybe put some reknowned peace Ghandi, or King, etc.
i don't know....even then.....


nice work, I'd buy this for the nice idea, but forget the font you're using. change it to something more readable.


I didn't say "get some better clip art"
I said "It is what it is".
I like the image.


there is nothing funny or cute about makeing fun of jesus or terrorists at all......


'Burning-Robot' - One's target audience is those that understand the piece.

Not to compare this shirt to the works of the great art masters, but those masters didn't create pieces to have them be understood by everyone; they set out with an intention, and flung it at the masses - those who understood took heed.


I don't approve but I respect your opinion and it's very creative <3


ah yi yi... i dont get all of this "omg jesus is a good person blah blah blah this shirt is satan" shit.
thank you for putting this shirt out.
id buy it.

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OMG! Jesus is sooo the Sux0rs!!!1 I love yer message dude!!! i would totally wear dis shirt to pissoff my mom!!!111!!1 555XX!!!!! thredles you neeed to print this shit csuse i need attention!!!!!


crappy design. crappy font. I couldn't tell it was jesus at first but when i did i said "that makes no sense"

sorry.. no


i like this. i think it is a great idea, but i would never be able to wear it to work.. damn! ;-)


The font made me think of hebrew script. If thats what its supposed to look like then rock on, i like the font. Ya can't please everyone.


completely ridiculous............glad to see some decent debate going on, maybe i shouldn't lose hope in threadless people, .........i think this was definitely made to be a joke and cause a stir............ridiculous like much of the other crap..........bikes in trees and so on............oh it's ryan mcguiness style, so the fuck what idiots.
you all copy each other anyways

then some of you guys completely blow my mind and have great sites and so on.........cheers


although i like it, this caould be VREY offensive to some


Well... at least you’re being controversial


winner for the most comments.

i love internet debates.


seems kind of like "hey look at me i am being totally different and controversial"
it doesn't even really make sense.
what was so terrorist-like about jesus?


love the design. hate teh idea and message. But im sure you knew people would react this way when you submitted it. I love the halo idea.

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