Hmmm... it's very simple, almost too simple. I like it, but at the same time my brain is telling me something is missing.

Watch this

cool idea yet a bit lacking

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maybe make one of the loops orange? maybe a second loop parallel to the bass loop thats an LED in orange.


Maybe rotate the infinity sign 90 degrees, put bass at the bottom and treble at the top, to accureately show the audio spectrum? Would buy maybe in this form, and definitely in the suggested form.


very cool idea... i'd buy... =)


i love the concept. agree w/ most that it needs a little tweak and it'll be an awesome design. 4 from me.


ya just needs anothe element or color , nice start tho...


'tis nice. Although it's not really saying anything it does look pretty cool and I'd buy it for that alone. 5 penny sweets for you.


why is it sideways? its better up and down


looks cool, but like many sed, something missing. maybe it should have something else other than those funny twirls. i like your choice of font though.


font is capitalised Arial, INNIT! and ye, i agree with everyone, its like one of those generic tshirts you might buy for like £5 (about $10) and it does need more design love.... my next one will, and im waiting for it to be ok'd at the moment, but i think because of the weekend and the time difference its taking time,... thanks for all the comments, and thankyou for the scores, and the critical points you've made - i hear you all..


752 is a foolish little boy.


REMEMBER ACE OF BASS? Me neither... Um.. i think the loop looks abstractly like an ear and i guess there can be a relationship with the acoustic structure. Sideways type compells me to read it, but many disagree with my type idealistics. I think type is it's own form, and sometimes can be appreciated even when it's not being read. For example, if you see a well done foreign ad, you emote feeling, although you can't necessarily read the typography. That being said this can also been seen as an infinite loop wrapping around two components of design, a completion of sound. Maybe that could be the start of something a tad bit more innovative.

I think it might be nice to explore this more. Some slight differences in execution can bring this from one feeling to another. And with sideways type, remember it affects the legibility, but that can also help but words to the background, and soften their reflection on the whole piece.

Good Job. I give you a 4 and I hope to see more.

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