Porn Or Graphic2

lolllll........ I'd like this one..!

Watch this

ha ha-- this is great!


thanx 4 the good comments.
I wanna say something before anyone says i'm attackin' women. If you saw mi first porn or graphic work you'll find i'm just moking of those natural things that are way out of our control as humans. Just think of this: "life is better when you can make a joke of it". If girls don't believe me please give it a try and check out my other submission called "POW!!"


Rock on, there are evil feminine products out there who only want your blood.


umm i think the pads illustration is well done but im indifferent to it being on a shirt....hmmm


I really wouldn't want to walk around wearing a shirt with a pad on it. Or a pad with a face for that matter.

Shark Attack!!!

Passerby: hey why do you have a pad vampire on your shirt
Me: Oh I just liked the design
Passerby: Right, but you realize you have a feminine napkin on your shirt looking evil and staring at a blood storm right?

Me: Yeah but...
Passerby: Please turn around now.
Me: But I...
Passerby: NOW


well done, but I don't think many would wear this.


I like the concept, but I dunno if I'd wear it as a shirt.


i couldn't see anyone wearing this shirt honestly feeling comfertable about it.


HAHAHA...yes, i agree with all of you, i know this is not an usual image to wear on a t-shirt. Maybe that's why i like it.
In fact, what i'd really like to know is if there's someone brave enough to wear it... hehehe.


i can honestly say i would wear this for about 5 days straight every month.

maybe im just weird, but i like it alot.


WOW. I'm suprised... thanks a lot 4 the good comment teamXswim!!!!
I like it a lot too, so i guess we both are weirdos.


not going on my chest...


Great! I love it


dear god.

as a fellow male of this species. I would never wear this on my chest.

although the design and idea is awesome =P

Ava Adore a girl.
and no way would i like to see someone wearing this.
but nice idea...


Well, that's enough 4 me...thanx Ava Adore


Period Pride

I would wear this when I'm on the rag as a warning.


i take this as an offense!..
I like Girlpower better.. Girls.. let's kick their Balls!!!!



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