i would like to see the peoples faces

Watch this
Boris Moser

great tee.i would prefer the illustration to be white with a grey .4


need zoom!


no more drips!

Evolved Beauty

MORE DRIPS! Okay I love it. It's pink. Im in love. I'd buy it.

Ava Adore

i like drips..


drips are soo yesterday!..but i like retro

nicholafrota profile pic Alumni

dude, this picture is from an image bank... if threadless approve it, it'd be a trojan horse for them.


i hate it, and i recognize that picture from somewhere


Black+Pink= Kickass no matter the gender. So points with that. As for the design: Cool, but drips are kind of overdone... I like the group of people, though.


damn, you guys are right- I looked back through my files, and the crowd is from a stock photo that I manipulated - I made the design SO long ago for a flyer originally, I'd forgotten just where it originated from -

I'd endorse the removal of this submission for that reason, no argument here - thanks for the compliments nonetheless


attention all drip users, dont make drips too long, they start looking fake. and dont use so many.

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