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Midnight meeting

I'm new to the site but desgined for a long time. Enjoy and please lot's of comments always help

Watch this

i need a detail shot to see whats going on..


yea, i'm a little confused as to what exactly that all is.


sorry peeps it's a bunch of pickles in a plate and two packs of cigarettes in a japanese restraunt in japan


its alright for a piece of stylistic expression
but then the "style" is modern and trendy
maybe it can be more individualistic to the point where you don't think

hey... where have i seen this before


i'm confused... but I think I like it.


Looks great. I don't know if I would wear it, given the image placement, but very nice none the less.


confusing but great


Can't really tell what it is. Cigarettes, I see... I don't smoke. Maybe If I did i'd buy it.


hey guys it's not about smoking btw. This is reflecting upon japanese lifestyle of going to a resteraunt and having a cigarette and some bar food. lol


btw again I'll repeat it's 2 packs of cigarettes a plate with some pickle cucumbers and a sillouhette of mt' fuji


ohhhhh...and carrots?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there too many colors in there?


theres diff shades but I believe there is 4


Hmm, are you sure the bright red would be a good color choice? Other than that I think the design is nice.


someone should un-invent the auto-trace tool.


yoyoyo wait a minute there was no auto trace tool used. This is purely high res picture cropped and cut background out with a artistic cutout filter no auto trace ;) ( ur a little to quick to judge)


cutout filter is lame too sometimes.......same as auto trace to fuji is completely unemphasized and unrecognizable......isn't the subject matter (paste a word like boring here)

don't let negative feedback perturb you, which it probably won't, hope you do more if you have been designing for a long time, it's good to see people who may know what they're doing....just do better than this....and i started smoking again, and lovin it!


I understand what ya mean. I def take consideration. But the transer from the creators mind to the camera and than to pc is what is used. Cropping cutting filtering etc.. is only the touch up. so the emphasis of mt fuji shouldn't be emphasizsed because the entire subject matter is a culture that deals with eating at izakayas. Now if u purely look at the work put into it than that's your own judgement on art initself like Jeff Koons.

But I do take opinions and never think of them being negative but if you only point to something as to auto trace or something than you my friend are looking overly on technical standpoint and not as a overall design. Now of course this isn't the greatest design I have done hahah. Anyways I do appreciate all that is said by all of you. And of course this is the internet and everybody is def more ballsy to just say random comments

"Note: If you're going to criticize, be constructive and respectful about it. "


if this is like a "snapshot" of the particular culture that piques your interest
how does it show the atmosphere,mood etc.
i'm juz asking because i'm unfamiliar with eating at izakayas...

i think most people can like/hate the shirt for its style but probably very few people would know this was about eating at izakayas and what that has to do with anything

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