King Fisher

lose the drip!

don't ever mix drip and plaid!!!

Watch this

I'll mix plaid and drips as much as I want.. Perhaps you were looking for a gun, some butterlies, or perhaps some of those trendy circles. Sorry if my design doesn't look like every other design that is submitted.


everybody chill. this is supposed to be an open critique. they sucked in college, they suck now. remember opinion are just that. don't get hurt feelings


i desagree to onegiatrobot. you never gonna progres if everyboy say that your work is super when that isnt true.

just be objetive in your comentaries.


I think it's an interesting idea.


I agree, good idea... but not liking it.


Any ways I could improve it? Or should I just start over?


happy st patty's day

Tom Brazelton

I think the concept is interesting, but I agree about the drip. It's overused.

Something about the fishing pole doesn't look right. Too thick? And it just kind of ends.

I mean, I understand that the fisherman is supposed to be catching the person wearing the shirt... but I think it's too obtuse to go over.


if u want to use plaid, maybe a flaNNEL SHIRT.......and i do think the ploe just ends...what is he tryin to catch? i like the idea of the fisherman and his position, just seems unfinished but it has potential for coolness


very unique and simple...i dig this shirt. i'd definately wear this 4


i can't understand why "blood" will drip from the fishing line...

the image is nice but...


i hate to say i don't remember much about the fisher king, but is this a play on it and the reason for the blood?

wouldn't mind it without the blood and more of a silhoutte image.

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