Machetes Are Better

  • by blacktag
  • posted Mar 10, 2004

this is a response to all the lame gun submissions. the end.

Watch this

someone got the message


I would buy this for sure. LOVE IT. Just a lil smaller. Although the machete on the shirt would probably be actual size. hehe


i wish i could grow a mustache!


Yes yes! Guns do suck, and blades kick ass. BUT, I wouldn't wear the shirt. Maybe without the text, and make it smaller.

Tom Brazelton

So we're substituting one weapon for another? How long before we replace machetes with a board and a nail through it?

I understand this is commentary about the Threadless community, but I doubt anyone would appreciate it outside of this environment.

Still, the design is good. Direct and to the point. I give it a 3.


i'd like it better if it was just the machete in the center near the top, in the position a single gun is usually in.


but at the same time you'd be shot by the gun waaaayyyyyy before your macho machete came out its sheath to play

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