• by tomfidd
  • posted Feb 02, 2004

First attempt at a t-shirt

go to for my other bits of art if you wish

I really just want to read you comments, but don't let that stop you giving it a sky high score

Watch this

for the subject it is a really well done vector job


i think it would be very humorous worn by a man, scary if worn by me. nice work.


looks sort of dead
The face shadows seem skull-like.
But dead baby shirts might sell even better


no the baby is not dead
as fact fans the baby full name is Skyler Moon Beer and I am somehow related to him
give him a high score just for the his name sounding like a hippy-brewery.

I apperciate the comments keep them comin.


i like this make me want o go to sleep


i hate babies.


i'd wear this because people wouldn't know what to say.


too estrange...


i eat babies, so i like this a lot


looking at your website, id like to see that dandelion graphic on a shirt.

i like this baby tee although if i sit down itd look like i had a dead baby on my lap.


ok ok... estrange but cool, god trace...another colors be great...what about zoom...?

mmmm... what is the concept...?

you have 4


It would be weird if you bought a really long version of this shirt and wore it underneath the redheaded girl shirt, giving your outfit a sort of red people theme to it... I like the shirt by the way, maybe more if the baby was moved a little higher up and didn't look as dead...


nice picture but i dont like the position of the image. its too low and i dont really care for the colors either.
3 out of 5


threadless normally change the colours of the tees and the postioning
so change it to 5 houseofsproutsstephen please


whats evryones obsesion with dead baby?
looks asleep to me
mabye i should do a Rorschach tshirt
analise you lot :D


The baby doesnt stand out very well. Mabye if it was a white shirt, and it had grey shadows. Red doesnt really help it.

But i dont like the design in the first place, doesnt look like it would fit into threadless.


its too red but i like it. 4.

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