• by vernabee
  • posted Feb 01, 2004

this is kinda cool. in a funky random way

Watch this

without the black out line in the teeths will be better. Maybe another placement too, but thd ilustration is amazing...



god... and i agree, "without the black out line in the teeths will be better"


black stuff gets cut off rrrrrreeal bad...if this was made more graphically by the magic of the hand, it would kick baboon buttocks......Illustrator kills the passion of a lot of designs...not all designs need to be vector and done in 5 minutes


might look cool if the black was more random like trace an ink blot


saddam you PRICK! Just wait till I find your t-shirt of mass constipation!!!!


I kona! Tokoloshi ish bad. Tokoloshi, it scares me. I run when I see Tokoloshi!


Themba Jakes! Hoe gaan dit broer?!? yebo... run away now.


alert sensitive artist


just don't comment on every comment, i deserve any shit thrown my way though. iwas trying to be constructive but then i had a seizure....kinda like tourett's syndrome. and i look forward to your comments to my submission, i have a lot of people waiting to rip me'll be fun for all. mass constipation---totally true, i have a lot of shit built up!

sorry i don't know tokloshi, do that many people and should it be on a shirt?


African mythology... my apologies to the ignorant. This creature comes from the folklore of southern africa (where I'm from) > he likes to find children to play with and sometimes will take them away from their parents. Adults are terrified of the creature, yet the children are not...

Thats all for today kids!!! = )

no worries SADDUMB!


don't apologize to saddumb and then dis him, octopus boy

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