• by hi_may
  • posted Jan 26, 2004

Hehe. Cool.

Watch this

looks like a webdings symbol, although its not. Im just saying its too boring and simple for my taste, mabye others will like it..

.. like hi_may there.

fabio buss

antitheft: try to see whats the meaning of the symbol. theres more then one meaning, but i think one of them is kinda obvious.

its actually a protest.. kinda.

less is more



looks like the design for nero burning program

master arm

a protest...?! what you don't like the vinyl...?

it's a nice simple design but things like this
always remind me of the Ninja Tunes logo.


riight, the meaning. i dont give a ratass about meaning, i want a great design.


I like the pattern created using the running man.


I had the same freaking idea done and it's sitting on my drive. That is weird. Did u hack into my PC?!
But I guess it's a global issue and everyone is doing it:)
Email me and ill send u my version. Freaky stuff.

fabio buss

the angel: that kinda stuff always happens


it looks like the roxio logo.

Ava Adore

yes the running man arrow pattern is cool, i think that would be mad on a tee! :)

fabio buss

AntiTheftSecurity, at 3:40am on Jan 27, 2004

riight, the meaning. i dont give a ratass about meaning, i want a great design.


a great design HAS to have a meaning. design is comunication.


yup, antitheft clearly demonstrated ignorance. he's very one-sided on the looks because he often cannot comprehend anything beyond the old eyeballs. big problem. for everyone, as we have to face his continued assault. this is art for him, being an asshole. it's his reason to face a new day.


I was thinking the same thing smeece...
Looks good though.

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