In England 'shag' means 'have sex with'.

Now I want you to think about what you've written.


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Yep, I'm english and i'm afraid due to cultural differences, this would probarbly offend a lot of people in the UK. As for the design, it needs more work.


sorry. didn't know, never been to england.
shag - shaggy


It wouldn't offend anyone if they didn't know the title of the shirt.

Gary Wilmot

eat_design it's a bit rich calling them a pervert when you yourself just got named and shamed in the "News of the World"


pervert is taking it too far eat_dick, now i want you to think about what ive written.

its cute. is he just shaggy or is he a jungle head dread boy like me?


It was a joke. Sarcasm doesn't come over too well when written.

Still, the design is pretty crap though.


Ya know I just look at the shirt, and I like it, lots of charcter, clean and simple High 5

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