• by Wasabi
  • posted Dec 17, 2003

Nice work... I'ld wear it.

Watch this

Better than most headphone teeshirts. A lot of work's obviously gone into this. Much better than just whacking a headphone in a circle and calling it a design.

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I agree with the above. This is good. I like white on the blue.
What does the small text say?

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The small text is all in capital letters and says;

Higher society living exists within the ecosystem of urban nature. Grab your free ticket today
If the need drives, then we can succeed and better our pursuit of capitalistic gains, or alternatley we can dance.
Whichever you choose make sure you leave the way behind you clear so no other can prosper from your good

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But I might get rid of the text or change it. All comments and suggestions welcome. ;(>)


I hereby decree: NO MORE HEADPHONES

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I hereby decree: F$%K OFF!


I decree: use 'fuck' instead of 'F$%K'...it makes it look less pansy.

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Very constructive and respectful views being posted about my work I see.


This is a nice, clean 2-color design. The large type doesn't try to be too obscure so that you don't understand it. It actually makes some sense which is refreshing. So maybe the icons are overused. I'd still wear it becuase it looks good.


It's pretty comical that you can complain about the "constructive and respectful views being posted about my work", when you replied to someones comment with "I hereby decree: F$%K OFF!".

It only takes a few weeks of checking Threadless get sick of seeing the same subject matter submission after submission. It's OK to use it if you are doing something new with it. I don't feel that this layout has any real authentic appeal to it. I don't care for the text too much, but that's a personal oppinion it doesn't really speak to me. I'm sure plenty of other people will like it. The record player looks like clipart and I don't like the hard edges on the DJ.


makes me want to make a freaking huge headphone t....or maybe an earbud tee

cool design by the way


Id wear it :) good work


I like this, and who cares if it contains headphones, if the design works and is wearable use what ever you want, headphones, hearts, drips or circles.

I would/will buy and wear this T-shirt, you get a five from me.


I like it. It doesn't matter how many submissions have headphones. How many got printed?
maybe it breaks down to individual opinions on DJ's?


OoOh totally DJ-ish I lke but layout is a little mundane. 3

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