• by Squall91
  • posted Dec 15, 2003

Is this supposed to be some kind of lame commercial for Apple?

Watch this

no it's good idea i haved


That's a huge Mac. They're not really that big are they? I wouldn't buy this, but then again I don't have a Mac to ride.


I think it should say. "Mac rides you"..... To the bank. Is that a Lisa?


I think it's funny :)

oscar alexander

I'm not to fond about the typography, and the Mac doesn't look as such. Sorry :(


I don't understand the Mac part of it. It looks like a box with wheels on either side.


I like the concept but it doesn't quite work. The mac doesn't look like a mac.


Like your colours mate, sweet design.


Interesting concept, but could use a little tweaking. First, the handles should be rotated 90 deg...you should only see them in "profile". Next, reduce the size of the case/bull so that it's proportional to the rider. Thirdly, you might do better without the "shaft". Leave the tilt of the case/bull and position the copy accordingly. Lastly, the 'AC" in MAC should be lower case. Mac is an abbreviation of Macintosh, not to be confused with the network acronym MAC (Media Access Control, or MAC address).

Overall, the colors are good and the design has potential!


Ditto PixelMunki.

I read this "ride your MACOU" at first. Had to check the title you posted it under.

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