Sincerely, Cupid <3

  • by yawn2oo
  • posted Dec 13, 2003

It's almost that time of year again - and not even the most anti-social, cynical, hard-hearted computer geek - such as myself can hide from his wrath.

Everybody needs a little love these days.

<3 -Happy Holiday's

(cupid is NOT apart of the shirt - merely there to look good. )


Watch this

i enjoy this shirt. i'd wear it. even if it wasnt february.


The shadow looks really weird, either get rid of it altogether or make it a bit more realistic. If you want it to look like the arrow's sticking into the tee then give the shadow some thought. Look at the size of the 'Cupid' label and how far it would be away from the teeshirt if the arrow was actually in it, the label's shadow is about 20% the size it should be. Having a really inaccurate shadow there harms the design, getting rid of it would make it better. 4 for now


Can definately make a 5 min fix if the tee gets chosen - no prollem .. thanx for the input.


I like the idea but execution is a lil awkward. Perspective of the arrow just looks weird.


hmm.. well there was a reason for it coming out at the angle it does, i wanted the arrow to be stuck in the heart, obviously - but i wanted the image to look centered as well ... i just tried to find a happy medium. i dont necessarily agree about the shadow, but then again, i wouldn't be the only one who bought it ... so i'd be more than happy to fix the shadow if the design were to get chosen.

thanks for the comments/crits.


Wow. That arrow looks like a Nike missile. I agree with the shadow fix, and the feathers need to look more....feathery. I thought it was some kind of pitchfork/sceptre at first glance.


I don't think the angle of the shadow is accurate, looks unnatural.


si. if/when i do a 2nd release of this, the shadow shall be fixed. ...

and .. nike .. missile? .. what do those look like?

... i wasn't going for feathers.. silly silly me.


i thinkthe only thing you need to do about the shadow is reflect it horizontally. I think the "feathers" look fine. obviously theyre not feathers but i didnt think they were supposed to be.


by reflecting i just make take it and turn it upside-down, not having 2 of them and one a reflection of a shadow, that would be stupid. you know what i mean.

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