Wesley Remembered

I guess we don't need to explain this. His music is his genius.

Watch this

Rock and Roll will never die!


But you didn't include the giant bump on his forehead from constantly head-butting people!

RIP Wesley Willis


im a sucker for wesley willis 5


I love this, I knew Wesley personally, and I think it's great.
I don't like the text though, it's placement/font makes it difficult to read.
I'd like to see that done better.

otherwise, excellent.


font looks shite


YAY! I'm so happy now!!!
you made my day. :) thank you!


get rid of the words


yeah - the design illustration is greatness, but the typography isn't there - you may not even need the words, but, if so, then I'd place them in much more appropriate font, small, horizontal, in the lower right corner - yes?


He wupped batman's ass. buy/5

RIP Welsley


I'm glad that people are responding well to my buddy Wesley here, i'll upload a few more versions of this to accomodate some comments made. Thanks party people, poopy party people, I'm six.


i said this on another one of the designs, but i don't think the lines and circles or the font have anything to do with wesley, so it detracts from the overall idea of the shirt. the two different concepts are fighting for dominance. i don't wear shirts that fight amongst themselves.

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