One for the Ladies

Everyone loves Ron....>>

Watch this

streamline with impact.


ew. i do NOT want ron jeremy anywhere NEAR my breasts, real or silkscreened. ha.


rofl, this shirt disturbs me ...


lmao! i'd scare everyone i saw away if i wore this! as if i weren't scary enough to begin with. ha!


lol looks funny


The teeth scares me... As if he's ready to bite something... ;p



keep that big freak away from me.......!


The shirt kinda implies that ron jeremy loves cock.
That was my impression.

Ron Jeremy is all man!

Curious Gav

no, this shirt is for ladies... hence the pink (and title).. so, the lady wearing it is implying she loves cock.. and Ron is only too happy to deliver..
See, its all so clear now..


people passing in the street don't know the title gav..... its not as obvious as intended.


I think the horrible use of type and photoshop filters are more sickening than the actual topic. :|


I like it, yes, but it does look like Ron loves cock.

Curious Gav

first off... 'anistrophic'.. yes people passing in the street dont know the title.. but since when does someone passing you in the street and not understanding what your tee is about a bad thing? If their savy enough they'll get it..

second, 'britannica'.. woooooooo, hand bags at dawn..

and 'tits586'.. well.. hats off to you and your swell name.


oh your name is gav?

I had thought it said "Curious Gay" which i thought was actually a fitting name for someone who did this tshirt.


oh my god, that's funny!

Curious Gav

witty retort Britannica. Problem with Gays? Nazi.
''..burn..''.. what sort of cheesefuck comment is that?

All hail King Ron, lover of lovers of Cock

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