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Favorite Designers?

Just curious, who are some of your favorite designers?

Watch this

Milton Glaser is ace, so to speak.

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on threaless, or ever?,


Barry Mcgee, Banksy


Stefan Sagmeister


Some of Sagmeister's stuff is crazy...have you seen the AIGA poster that he carved into himself with an exacto knife? Now that's dedication.

David Carson is one of my favorites.


please not on threadless. people already ride ross and glennz way too hard. there is a whole real world of design out there, peeps. personally, i like old school helvetica types like chermayeff & geismar. and the ad work of weiden+kennedy. and massimo vignelli. and artists that have impacted design like aubrey beardsley, william morris and the posterists like mucha and cheret. lots more... am having a mental block.

sagmeister's assistant had to carve all that for him, poor bastard.


I'm an old Peter Max fan.


and thank you, laura lee, for starting a blog that is actually design-related... that isn't about emo kids, flirting, farting, lechery, what you ate for breakfast, stupid daily habits, what to name your pets, how much you love ross, how much you love yourself, etc.

this whole thing will probably be derailed now... if anyone even stops by at all. alas for the blog forum.

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