• by __pg
  • posted Oct 28, 2003

I like everything about it, except the colour of the t-shirt!

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its a really different thing to put on a tshirt, that map style. i kind of like it actually. but you would be better off getting rid of the text and simplifying it from 6 colors to 4 colors. white, black, blue, green, red, orange


not another heart...


the freshest shirt i've seen on here by far


best <3 shirt yet! like it!


Love it, I love heart designs (anatomical ones best).

However, different colour shirt for me as well and i would buy it. I'll 5 it and hope you change the t colour :-)


I would definately buy this!!!


This shirt reminds me of the Tokyo Subway map... sweet. 5


Really nice! I'd buy it! Don't think it needs the text though!

Dirk Rugged

I gave it a five, but i would love to see it in another color. I would buy it fo sho


this in not a threadless tee color...
but design push! great.


Always wanted to do something fun with maps.
T-shirt color maybe change?


With the text, the shirt does look like a fund-raiser shirt...but a super cool fund-raiser shirt!


Nice work. finally somethin' unusual...
Maybe a little bit too big.


the design idea in this shirt is perfect. a subway map adapted from manhattan, NYC superimposed on a perfect. i think the txt is perfect as it emulates the text you'd find on any MTA (Metropolitan Trasportation Authority) subway map in NYC. I don't see where you guys are getting the charity shirt. This idea totally rocks

definatly in a different league than the other 90% of the 10 minute shirts with shitty execution on this site.



Finally a shirt with an actual CONCEPT. Oh, and this shirt NEEDS the text. That chunky Helvetica defines most of the US's public transportation sytem's typography to a t. Chicago, NYC, etc they all use it. This design is fresh & original, but uses a bad shirt colour. Also wish I could see more detail. Great concept and execution-- you need both!


Praise Satan, finally someone does something remotely original. I think the color of the shirt does not work, but everything else is genius.


Great t-shirt, and I don't see a problem with the colour of the shirt!
But I'd also prefer the design to be slightly smaller.

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Let me be the first to say congratulations on winning the contest. This shirt was definitely the most techincally excellent candidate for the competition and it looks really great on the tan shirt. __pg, you should be really proud of yourself. Awesome job

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congrats on behalf of me here at semora. excellent work....i mean, it was totally rigged and i was supposed to win, but you know, i guess its cool that you did since i got screwed. just clownin' dawg. good work, keep uo up.


Well done, nice idea, and very well executed, it seams your somewhat of a veterin of threadless so nice work, keep it up so that other people have somthing to aim for!

congrats from Soup Can Tees

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thanks guys i really appreciate it.


congrats!Wanted to buy it today & got sold out right in front of my eyes :'(


this one rocks !!


this shirt is really clever, I just bought it!

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I bought this shirt and it's probably my favourite on the whole site.
Thank you!


i love this shirt, i wish you would reprint!


This is great! I just bought one.


Oh!! i love it!!. Pity about the yellow as the only shirt color.


Please please please reprint this shirt on baby blue. The design is fantastic. I teach Biology couldn't be happier to wear this on casual Fridays at the High School. Perhaps maybe you could map out the routes...I would get a class set! Fantastic and creative!!!!


wow, goog job science82, they actually listened to you and reprinted it on baby blue!

Thanks, it's a great tee.


i thought someone else might have picked up on the errors in the text (sorry, i bet others have done this already) but 'atria' is the plural of 'atrium' and it should be 'pulmonary' not 'pulmonic'.
who cares, i've been hoping this would get reprinted and i'm buying it anyway!


This is the most amazing shirt I've ever seen. Thanks so much!

Marc Adam

i just saw this, this is great, love the creativity

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